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Accepted I Never Thought I'd Have To Do This...

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by TimtheFireLord, May 22, 2014.

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  1. TimtheFireLord

    TimtheFireLord Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN: TimtheFireLord
    Date/Time:5/22/2014 11:25 pm
    Reason: Inappropriate building
    Ban Length: 1 day
    Staff Member: Reggles44
    Why we should consider your appeal:

    I was not open to the purpose of Gummi's building, he simply told me that it would be a bar and a club. I thought that was fine, so I helped him build the dance floor and the roof. Gummi then stated that he was going to add a strip club part, and I objected saying "That's immature, you pewp." I then went afk to check forums and Skype, where Karistar informed me that I had been banned. I tried to log onto Meep to confirm this, and sure enough there was the message. I had no part in creating or advertising the strip club besides the roof and floor, so I do not believe that I was a part of the inappropriate build. Thank you for reading, and I await your judgment.
  2. GummiBirr2

    GummiBirr2 Meeper

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    Unban him please , he just did the roof and the lights he didn't advertise about a strip club (-_-) So please unban him now.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 22, 2014, Original Post Date: May 22, 2014 ---
    Why the hell did i even put StripWorld on it.... I forgot that kari said make it a club ....................... <-- iz a nub.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 22, 2014 ---
    Tim ! Sorry for being an immature pewp to you.
  3. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    Some staff is investigating this further. Thanks for your cooperation Tim.
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  4. reggles44

    reggles44 NANA NaNa nana NaNa NANA NaNa nana NaNa, REGGLES! Elder

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    After checking on the specific inappropriate structures you had no part it building them. I'm sorry for the confusion on my end.
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