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Denied Best Posts in Thread: I don't even care any more.

  1. Dart_Knight

    Dart_Knight Popular Meeper

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    *witness from last ban appeal.

    - ssj2yamcha is a very suspicious player. He has weird chat logs like "can I have more hacked potions" also he has logs that said he owns illegal possession of items such as stationary lava, etc.
    - He learned how to push people to their limits without it counting as harassment.
    - He was banned MULTIPLE TIMES for harassment
    - He was warned that if he even goes near tasmiki, he would get ban. He went near tasmiki...

    He's a negative part of our community and I believe he should stay ban. If he gets unban, I am pretty sure he'll just annoy more people without it getting counted as harassment.

    (I provided my thoughts as I have looked through 90% of his chats before, I have been in a harassing case with him, and I am a witness from the last ban appeal.)
  2. reggles44

    reggles44 NANA NaNa nana NaNa NANA NaNa nana NaNa, REGGLES! Elder

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    Bye bye.

    P.S. One more ban appeal and it will be considered spam and you will be forum banned.
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  3. Deinen0

    Deinen0 Guest

    For someone who was told to NEVER contact Tasmiki again, you are in his town, "shifting". The issue is, is that you are always pushing your boundries, when told not to /msg them again you ask if /tpa is acceptable. When told no to that you are looking for another way to find a loophole. I'm personally sick of this game, and you need go to. Perhaps when you can listen to the staff and COMPLETELY LEAVE SOMEONE ALONE, then maybe you have a shot to come back. Until then you need a timeout to think about what we told you, and let it sink in. Precedent has been set with Clearouts and Caemlyn, and his harassment until he was order to NOT go there. You were orders to NOT contact Tasmiki, yet you were in his town, obviously for no other purpose other than try to push yet another boundry. You were given plenty of chances, my friend, and you decided to not heed them.
  4. matt391416

    matt391416 Celebrity Meeper

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    Tasmiki I know you have something to do with this but you done even play meepcraft anymore. I say this was a personal thing. To be honest I have never seen anyone get banned for this, but you told reggles to ban ssj after you saw him. In my opinion it seems like this is some personal stuff and you just wanted to get him banned. Why would you want someone still banned even if you left meepcraft. That's why I thought it was personal. I personally wouldn't care if someone I didnt like got unbanned if I left meepcraft.