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How To Avoid Being Scammed: A Guide

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by LexKristen, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    This is how to avoid being scammed at all costs, and what you should do if you are scammed. This includes information on rank scams, and in-game trade scams. (Buying items with meebles) (hopefully there aren't any threads extremely similar to this already)

    Make sure the seller is trustworthy!
    -You can do this by asking your friends/a staff member for seller recommendations.
    -You can also check their /res date. If they are a fairly new player, chances are they just want meebles and don't actually have the item you want.
    -If you are buying a rank, look on the forums for rank selling threads! A lot of rank sellers have made threads with meeble prices included. These people are usually the most trustworthy.
    -If you are buying a rank, in most cases do not trust somebody without a rank. If they cannot buy a rank for themselves, they probably cannot buy one for you.

    Take all necessary precautions!
    -When you are making the purchase, take screenshots or video of the exchange, even if the player is trustworthy. Being scammed is fairly unpredictable.
    -Ask your rank seller to send you receipts of the purchase over Skype or the forums. That way you know they have bought your rank, even if it takes a long time to process.

    What to do if you have been scammed:
    First of all, I am sorry if you have been scammed. I hope you followed the above tips, so that you have screenshots! If so, post a player report here:
    Make sure the screenshots display adequate information about the exchange! If they do not, the staff cannot do anything about it.

    If you have anything to add to this post, please comment and I will add it in!
  2. Nager2012

    Nager2012 Popular Meeper

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    Don't trade with noobs.
    hippapajo, chaos546 and LexKristen like this.
  3. Grandblue

    Grandblue Celebrity Meeper

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    Well, they could want Premium, and sell a VIP for overpriced...
  4. Toostenheimer

    Toostenheimer Legendary Meeper

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    Lex, I have a kind-of better way on how to NOT get scammed if you're selling items :p
    1. Check them using /res (if in towns) or /seen (if in another world)
    2. Tell them to pay first.
    3. If they don't, start to re-sell your product. If they do pay, make sure ClearLag isn't starting right when you're giving them the product. I learned that the hard way...
  5. hippapajo

    hippapajo Popular Meeper

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