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Horses For Sale In Alpha

Discussion in 'Closed Marketplace' started by puppy25, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. puppy25

    puppy25 Well-Known Meeper

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    A month after Onis_Luck deleted all entities in alpha (the reason why horses are more expensive than in beta), I have slowly built up my business in selection, size, and popularity. Finally, i have decided to move the business to the forums, as this can be organized and simple to explain.

    /Pwarp horse, Alpha's largest, best-known, and most profitable horse business, is selling horses, mules, and donkeys; even shipping is available! We sell these animals for fair prices; donkeys are the most expensive out of all, due to their rarity (1/10 horses will spawn as a donkey; horse spawn rates are low enough as it is).

    Horse - 20k
    Donkey - 35k
    Mule - 15k

    Shipping - 15k*

    *Shipping is an added cost to each animal purchased with it.
    Example: 2 horses and a mule all with shipping is 100k; 3 animals with shipping adds 45k to the cost.
    For some people, these prices may be expensive, but this is alpha, and horses are much rarer here then in beta. A successful game of CTF yields 15k, so i recommend playing this minigame to raise enough money to buy a horse here if you cannot afford it.

    To buy a horse or related, create a post here that specifies what you want. Use the format supplied below.

    IGN: Your IGN (Username)
    Animals: What animals you want (Horse, Donkey, etc. Amount must be stated.)
    Type: [Only for horses] Color, features, pattern. If you don't want a specific horse type, put "Unstated" instead.
    Shipping: Put "Yes" or "No", depending on if you want shipping. (remember, this is an additional cost)
    Destination: [Only if shipping is desired] Town and coordinates (/t spawn <name>, x = <number> z = <number>)Do not put the y unless it is underground or something. The x and z are required.
    Reason: [Completely optional] Why you wanted to buy them, no long stories needed :)

    Confused? We have an example of a proper format below if you are :D

    IGN: puppy25
    Animals: Two horses and a donkey
    Type: Full black horse, no pattern; Gray horse with medium-sized spots
    Shipping: Yes
    Destination: /t spawn woofville, x = 659, z = -1624

    Also, we are now accepting worker applications! All workers must be active and able to use a horse well. We will be testing your ability to deliver a horse when we get the chance. Workers get 100% of the money they raise from selling and delivering; I already have enough, I don't need to share profit. All workers will also get access to our lounge in /pwarp horse! :D

    If you want to work at /pwarp horse, apply using the format below. (Applications will be decided, but it may not take seconds. Be patient and wait.)

    IGN: Your IGN (username)
    Reason: Why you want to work at /pwarp horse
    Rank: Your rank (premium, citizen, ultimate, etc)
    Weaknesses: If you are not the best at one thing with horses (jumping, breeding, etc)

    If you have any ideas, complaints, or other things you want to tell me about this, /mail me.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
  2. Butterscotch21

    Butterscotch21 New Meeper

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    Is this a scam or is it something you are actually doing because I will take 2 horses if you are actually doing this :3

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