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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Hobbs509

  1. Hobbs509

    Hobbs509 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    Member Name Hobbs509

    Additional In Game Names: inom9, HyperSonicCraft, other alts that I no longer have access to (will go into more detail)

    When you were banned: I am not super sure, but it was sometime in April I believe.

    Reason for ban: Hacking in Parkour

    Ban Length: Permanent

    Staff member who issued ban: DianaB72

    Why we should consider your appeal: Before I go into why you should consider my appeal, I'd just like to tell the whole story from the start. So as many people on the server, I was in need of money. I saw the announcement that runs every so often about doing parkour, and I was like "I might as well give it a shot." So I did this and I figured out that I was actually pretty good. I made it to the end of the balloon fest parkour map and I got the prize with no need to click anything (unlike most of the other maps at the time.) I was fairly excited, but then a thought came to me. I thought that if I relogged, went back down the ladder and up again, I might receive the prize again. I tried this out and it in fact worked. I abused this bug for so long that I made about 2 million in 1 hour. I felt guilty and told the Staff, including Diana, and they solved the issue, and because I told them, I guess I wasn't punished. When they patched it, I was somewhat annoyed but deep down I knew that I had been cheating. Some time passed before I needed more money from running out of my 2 mil (somehow.) I did the parkour again, but because of the cool down, it was ineffective. Again I came up with the oh-so-brilliant idea to try to get alts off the internet, and I found several lists that indeed worked. While using these alts, I realized that I was rushed in an attempt to maximize my profit, so I decided to use a hacked client to help me. Even though the fly option is blocked by NoCheat, you can still toggle it while missing a jump and it sends you back to the last block you interacted with. This was fairly effective since I almost never died from fall damage or lost substantial progress on the map. My addiction to this got so bad that I even used my friend's account (HyperSonicCraft) to hack with. After a while, Diana caught me and banned me, along with all of the various alts I have used. In the heat of the moment, I became defensive and argued with her. I somehow had the right idea to not continue, since if I did it could possibly lower my chances of a possible unban in the future.

    Anyway that is the end of the story. Here is why you guys should consider my appeal. I am a nice player to hang around in game (except when things like this happen and I become all defensive and what not) and I believe that I contributed a positive attitude in the time of me playing on the server. I have actually been playing on MeepCraft on and off for quite some time now (possibly 2012???) and if I were to be unbanned I would continue to be a loyal player. I have waited a few months to reflect on my past actions and I believe that I am ready to be allowed back into the community.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: Not much. I was banned one time before for using hacks, but I guarantee you that it was not me. I understand that it will be hard to believe me that I did't hack since I actually did hack this time, but all I can really give you is my word. Here is the link to my past ban appeal. http://meepcraft.com/threads/hobbs509-ban-appeal.34910/

    I appreciate any feedback, and even if this gets accepted or not, I greatly appreciate you guys (Staff) taking time to consider it. Thanks.