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Best Posts in Thread: Highlanders3ruth Helper Application.

  1. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    accepted for interview
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  2. Highlanders3Ruth

    Highlanders3Ruth Popular Meeper

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    IGN: Highlanders3Ruth
    Skype: Highlanders3Ruth
    TeamSpeak: Highlanders.Ruth
    Age: 11
    Mic: Yes
    Timezone: EST (Eastern Time, USA)
    Hours Online [Weekday]: 1-3
    Hours Online [Weekends] 2-6
    Position Changes: Ultimate to Helper

    Introduction: Hello Everyone! Im Highlanders3Ruth mainly known as High and I have been playing MeepCraft for 1.6 years, in 3 days I will be playing for 1.7 years on this wonderful server. I like baseball and soccer and our baseball season has just started! I enjoy helping this community on the fourms, in-game, on ts, and everywhere else I can. I was once a helper and enjoyed and loved being a helper seeing what fun it was working around the server in the wild, towns, spawn, games, etc. I support and want any comments you have for me so I can work on them, positive or negative I will take them unless they are not related to this application and talk about some random fish :). Well today I'm applying for staff so please enjoy this application if you read it all!

    Why should you be staff: As I stated before, I was once a staff on this server and was a Helper for about 2 months I would say. I have been Co-Owner, Admin, Mod, Trial-Mod, and had Op on many other servers and never abused those powers during the time I had those ranks. I know most of the HawkEye commands that you need to know because I have used them, I am helping in-game a lot but not so much with the fourms and I am working on that one. I know the basics, /kick, /tempban, etc so that's always good for starters. I enjoy helping this server a lot because its fun, exciting, and enjoyable. I am really good with following the rules and have only been temp-banned 2 times in 1.6 years of my time here. One for ladder camping, couple months ago...And one for spamming Deinen0 1.2 years ago while he was admin. I have helped this community in many ways in different worlds going from, Spawn, Wild, Towny, Mini-games, talking in shout, and lots more. I am very well dedicated to this server and feel loved and welcome to help anytime and to be on at anytime because, well, this server is just really great. I know the basics: HawkEye, fourms, in-game helping, donating, and some more but some of them I may have forgotten or still don't know so I am always ready to learn new things that come my way. I am responsible, all A's, trustworthy, rule following, and helpful so if you combine that...That's good and many of you do have those qualities and they are very very good to have. I do sometimes wander of with my maturity but sometimes it's right there with me. I know most if not all the towny commands unless there are some only staff can use. I also know most commands in games, what to do in them, commands in spawn, parkour, etc. Some commands may be in the back of my head when someone asks a question so if I answer it wrong, I am sorry for that but it's sometimes not with my brain and then I mess up on the command and people mess up typing it so some other people help and thats good because I know I have some support from you guys!

    Experience: As I stated before, I have been Co-Owner, Admin, Mod, Trial-Mod, and have had Op and was all trusted with those ranks and commands. I have been staff on this server and know how the system works with us, I was Helper for about 2 months. I did do some modreq's during that time and if your still staff from when I was, please note that I will try harder to get more modreq's done if I am accepted. I have done griefing cases, stealing cases, logging, camping, etc.

    Dedication: I have been on this server for 1.6 years, been tempbanned 2 times, kicked 4 times, and donated for Exclusive, Elite, Supreme, And Ultimate to support this server and have helped many people with giving them some money when they need it. I am very very well dedicated to this server seeing I follow as many rules as I can, donate, and help as much as I can. I am not planning on leaving anytime soon at all.

    • I can become immature at points but try hard to gain it under control whether its Pvp when someone is owning me and I think someone's hacking and starts calling me things like "A Nub" or "You suck at Pvp". I also can become a little immature in /shout sometimes if I am talking with my friends or just feel like having fun like everyone should once in a awhile.

    • I tend to get into some arguments if people are always raging at the new players and making them do work for a very very little amount of work. Or sometimes its again, if someone's just calling me a nub or anything. Also if someone wants a command I do tend to state my point and then the person gets into a argument so I state my point and why their's wouldn't work.

    • Activity, I have said that my baseball season has started so that might affect my online time a little but not a lot, also we are closing in on the end of the school year so I don't know if we will have lots of projects to do or anything that might pop up and take a while and affect in-game/fourms/Teamspeak time.

    Conclusion: Well, all I have to say is that I hope you enjoyed my application if you read it all and have some fun and enjoy the rest of your day, week, vacation, etc! Have fun and see ya'll around in-game.