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HELP I need money!!!

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by iOblivion, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. iOblivion

    iOblivion Popular Meeper

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    Ive seen that phrase a lot here lately.
    1st way to make money is the v-shop, is to use the v-shop do /shop in game to see the main menu, i always recommend doing /find (item) before selling so you can have the upper hand on the v-shop. When you are ready to sell use /sell (how many) (the item) (how much PER one of the item).

    2nd way is to v-shop flip, buy low sell high, or buy and craft, lets say that wood planks are $1 a piece and you can sell crafting tables for $10, do /buy 4 plank 1 then use your crafting table and craft a crafting table then do /sell 1 workbench 9.99 to beat the lowest price. NOT REAL PRICE, Hypothetical prices

    3rd way to make money is to MINE MINE MINE, if you find a spawner do /g Selling a (type of spawner) spawner tp (price, usually 4-5k) /msg me and they will pay you and mine the spawner. While mining a recommend a silk touch pick. You can collect coal, diamond, lapis ore, and redstone ore, then if you have one use a fortune 3 pick to get the most out of that ore. Also take advantage of stone, craft them into stonebricks then sell them on v-shop. Many people buy ores such as /t spawn Atlantis shopping mall, or just use your friendly v-shop.

    4th way, to lazy to use the v-shop? Make a chest shop, it wont get as much business or make you as much money. Ask your mayor in your town to sell you a shop plot. The format for selling is :
    (how many you are selling for this price)
    ( do (how much for YOU to sell) : ( how much for YOUR costumers to sell to you)
    you post that one a sign, use shift click at the same time to place a sign on a chest, make sure your chest is filled with the correct item!

    5th way, Villager trading, buy some raw pork or coal or raw beef and go trade with villagers to get emeralds and use those in either the 1st or 4th way(shown above)

    6th way, selling ranks (NOT RECOMMEND FOR NEW PLAYERS) the same way you may of donated but instead of putting your name put the person whom is buying the rank in.
    Some prices:
    Citizen to VIP==350k to 500k
    Citizen to Premium== 750k to 1.2 million
    Citizen to exclusive== usually 1.5 million to 2 million
    Citizen to elite==3 million to 4.5 million
    Citizen to supreme==6 million to 9 million
    Citizen to ultimate== 12 million to 18 million
    Prices vary

    NOT FINISHED please leave comments/suggestions below
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
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  2. _masterdude_

    _masterdude_ Popular Meeper

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    I hope you actually mean 12 million because i dont think even hornemans can pay that amount
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  3. iOblivion

    iOblivion Popular Meeper

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    Fixed :D

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