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Getting help from staff and getting justice on Meepcraft

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Lady_Hestia, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Lady_Hestia

    Lady_Hestia Retro, Dance, Freak

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    Hestia’s Guide to /modreq, Getting Help From Staff, and Getting Justice in the Meep System

    So here’s what you don’t want to do
    · Spam /shout for help
    · Spam /modreq for help
    · Spam in local for help
    · Ask for a specific member of staff by name or staff rank (if you need a staff member of a certain rank asking a helper is fine because they can contact a mod/smod/admin better than you can).
    · Bash a member of staff down for not being as quick as you wanted or not understanding the situation at first. (If you would like a re-eval of the issue by another staff member please be discreet and contact on forums.)

    Here is what you do want to do
    · File a quick /modreq with a short description of the issue (more on this later)
    · Be polite to whoever is trying to help you.
    · If no one in game is getting to your modreq and you’ve been waiting a while and being polite try hopping on teamspeak! The staff on there are so polite and the most helpful. Tip: If they are all huddled into a staff chat try using the poke method :p
    · Be short and to the point on what the issue is.

    When filing a modreq
    · Make sure it fits into the space- making a second modreq can cause complications.
    · Make sure the issue is stated in the modreq (stealing, etc)
    · Do not whine about your modreq not getting answered in /shout after a few minutes.
    · If the issue can wait for a few minutes, go read the rules. You may find out that there is no need for a staff member at all!

    Examples of modreqs that are understandable and will get the staff member on board the situation.
    · “My plot/town was griefed come check it out.”
    · “So and so is harassing me, please msg me for more details”
    · “I think I see someone breaking the rules, the name is (if you know it) and they are (hacking/griefing/stealing).”
    · “I need help with the legality of (grinder, items, perms, pvp toggle)”
    · “Can someone put me in contact with an admin, I need to keep this confidential.” (Make sure you are a veteran player that staff trusts before trying to make a modreq like this)

    Follow the pattern and you’ll be a known little “issue” throughout staff. (Kidding, kidding, the staff will have more respect for you when you know how to handle asking for help.)

    I’ve got help from staff! Now what?

    If the modreq didn’t get the msg through clear enough, start explaining the situation in more detail. Just in case the subject is delicate, I recommend not using local chat, because msg is more secure and easily checkable in the logs. If you need to take a staff member somewhere to show them griefing or an area containing things that need to be looked at, take them there as soon as you’ve explained the issue. If the area is crowded and this is an issue ask if it’s possible to clear the players out of the area to be looked at. If it’s a harassment case a staff member might just ask you to make a ban request on forums (info on this later). For this you’ll need proof, if you do not possess any proof and the offense was in msg, talk to the staff member about looking into the logs. If all else fails wait for the player in question to go offline and ask if anyone else has pictures of his/her harassment. Forums is a good way to look for information as well. Go into the ban requests and see if there is one already up, if so just add that you were harassed as well and then state what was said. If you follow the advice I gave, the staff should be able to take it from there, but try to stay online until the modreq has been /doned in case of further found issues and complications. If you are going offline apologize to the staff member helping you and make sure to let them know when you plan on being online again.

    Ban requests
    If you can gather up enough information on the issue by yourself post a ban request for the player. This helps out staff if there aren’t any complications that go along with the issue.

    Getting enough proof
    · If your computer is up to it, video everything (just remember not to use the footage you took while your xray was on ;) )
    · Screenshot all footage of a conversation with someone you do not trust
    · If your video works decently turn it on if someone is acting suspicious- common sense normally leads to catching players that will disrupt the community

    When not to use a ban request
    · Griefing and stealing are near impossible for a citizen member to get proof for- file a modreq in game and the staff will be able to help
    · When your evidence isn’t up to ban level standards, this gets the staff to investigate the matter but it won’t happen as quickly as if you contacted them in game and sent them your information in a pm on forums.
    · When you are raging, use your common sense and put in only information that is relevant to the case

    If you fear you have committed an illegal deed, talk to staff, most of them understand that mistakes happen and will let you off with a warning.

    Don’t take up staff time with apologizing for swearing, just simply say that you are sorry that you did that and that you’ll pay more attention to the rules in the future in /shout. If you need confiscation of an illegal item but can’t answer all the questions just explain that it ended up in your possession somehow. Be honest and confident and you won’t get into trouble.

    If things get too complicated to explain in game, teamspeak is a must. Things are much easier to get done when you can use your voice to communicate instead of you hands. I’m also in teamspeak a whole lot so if you need to talk to me I’ll be there unless my internet is dropping every ten seconds (which lately has been happening).

    Thanks for reading! I hope that this guide gets you the justice you need, and that it helps staff get through investigations without easily avoidable complications.

    -Lady Hestia

    Ps Just pm me or comment if I got something wrong, have a type, or have made a mistake that is outrageously wrong. (As you guys know my wording of things is a large area for improvement)

  2. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    The funny part is that you spelled 'typo' wrong at the end. :p

    Things that I'd add/change

    - Elaborate on what 'ban-level standards' are and mention that if they don't know if something is bannable, /modreq it to get faster answers.
    - Screenshot any deal, even if it is with someone you trust, to avoid being scammed and not being able to be refunded.
    - Especially screenshot any deal made in local, as it cannot be logged and therefore cannot be proven without your screenshots.
    - If your computer can handle it, keep video on whenever you are in Centrum or and other PvP area to prevent being logged on, hacked on, etc.
    - Do not accept any random teleport requests. If you do not know why someone is requesting you teleport to them/teleport to you, /msg them and ask them why.

    I'd also completely reformat it, in fact I can do that and inbox it to you if you'd like.
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  3. Dhovakhin

    Dhovakhin Meeper

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    Something adtheren has raged to me about a lot. People not responding to his /msg when he answers the modreq.

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