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Flamedemond2's mod application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Flamedemond2, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. abbythrowsstuff

    abbythrowsstuff Celebrity Meeper

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    Seriously why do I need to put a reason.
    • nice
    • active
    • super duper helpful
    • like a+++++++++++
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  2. CyborgZeroX

    CyborgZeroX -=Retired Staff Member=- Elder

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    Reasons above

    Just work on being more talkative with players and don't ONLY think of modreqs
    Good luck!
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  3. Lysseal

    Lysseal Popular Meeper

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    >Reasons Stated Above.
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    RAULPTY Celebrity Meeper

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    +1 : You are a nice and helpful person keep like that flame
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  5. Zolodragon

    Zolodragon Well-Known Meeper

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    +1. All reason have been listed. I think you'd be great.
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  6. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    You've proven to me that you are ready to become mod. You're mature, active, all of the qualities that a mod should possess. On top of that, you are a very hard worker. :)
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  7. Videogames321

    Videogames321 Celebrity Meeper

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    I personally think that you are READY! your mature, active, helpful,nice, etc. Mostly what I am going to say is going to be what all the others that have already commented have. +1
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  8. Flamedemond2

    Flamedemond2 Highly flammable

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    Thank you everyone for such wonderful feedback! It really means a lot to me, so thank you.
  9. rorihouston

    rorihouston Popular Meeper

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    -1 are you EVER in TS.
  10. fawnmari0

    fawnmari0 Celebrity Meeper

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    This user is always in TS.
    He respects other users and staff members.
    He gives tips when requested.
    He is fast-explaining, respectful (I already explained this), and has a good explanation for everything. I think he should be promoted + he has been Helper for ages, just give this man his Moderator now. Also, nice long application; I loved it too.
  11. oscarhouston

    oscarhouston Popular Meeper

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    -1 No way.

    Ok. So. You are never on TeamSpeak3 and constantly harass me. Also I think you are quite immature. Your app was quite short and I think you could have added abit more. I have never ever ever seen you help in chat and argue with people including me a lot. Personally I don't think you are ready. You can't handle certain things too.

  12. MyGmail

    MyGmail Celebrity Meeper

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    God, His app was longer than one you could ever make
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  13. SX1

    SX1 Celebrity Meeper

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    VERY friendly
    shouts and helps
    dat app doe :eek:

    I feel like you're ready to become a mod
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  14. Dart_Knight

    Dart_Knight Popular Meeper

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    Helpful, friendly, active.
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  15. xRestart

    xRestart Popular Meeper

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    Color Code:
    Green - Information that doesn't need to be analyzed
    Pink - You are making me read way to much / Unneeded Information / Why would this help you
    Blue - This needs Improvements greatly
    Red - This is not truthful at all / Feel's like a lie

    Black - Strong Points
    Purple - Good Points

    Dark Gold - Anaylze
    Light Blue - Like, shut up. Don't say it again


    In Game Name: flamedemond2
    Skype Username: flamedemond2
    Teamspeak Username: flamedemond2
    Mic use: yes
    Age: 14
    Timezone: EST

    Hours online per weekday: 2-3
    Hours online per weekend: 5-7

    Position Changes: Helper to Mod


    Hello, my name is flamedemond2, or more commonly known as flame, or flame2. As of today I have been playing on Meep for approximately
    1 year and 4 months, and have spent time as a helper for 1 and a half months. I still remember the day I got helper, I was brought into a staff channel for my first time and was told "hey flame, time to do your interview". I froze, dead in my spot for about 5-10 seconds. I couldn't believe it was time to finally do my interview! But knowing the kind of person I am, I have never been good at oral presentations and was quite terrified as I did it. To my surprise, about 2 minutes after I finished the interview, I had been told I was the newest member of the staff team! To this day, I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to begin my journey as a helper.

    But there comes a time in every helpers journey when they think to themselves, what more can I do to help? How can I do more to help? What steps will I take in order to help others in a more efficient and productive way? Well, as the title of this application would suggest, I am applying for the moderator position to hopefully increase my capabilities and my productivity towards a various amount of situations.

    Why I want to be a moderator:

    Let's move right into it, shall we. As I said in the intro, I want to become a moderator because of the increased capabilities, and to make work more productive. With the increased capabilities that mod gets, such as /god, I will be able to monitor pvp in a much easier way. From my perspective I would find it to make me more efficient, as I excel at what I do when more is required from me. Obviously, mod requires more to be done, meaning I would excel at the task at hand. Another thing that I didn't mention in my intro is my dedication. Being online for so many hours a day, constantly helping out in /shout, modreq's, /msg, etc, shows just how dedicated I am towards Meepcraft and how much I care for it.

    Because I am so dedicated towards the server, I would like for nothing more than to be a part of a great team who tirelessly helps the server, day after day. Even from the moment I started on meep, I wanted to be a member of the staff, and a few months ago, back in MeepNetworks, when I became staff my goal was complete. I didn't really have a purpose to being staff at the time other than for the personal gain. But not so long after that, I realized that my goal wasn't in fact complete because I had not utilized the best of my ability to help. And that, from the first moment I logged on, is what I truly wanted to do. Not just become staff, but truly make a difference.

    Why you should want me as a moderator:

    In game chat:
    I have been a contributing member of the server from day one. I have made it my duty to help the people around me to the best of my ability. Whether it is giving a new player a town to call home, or helping an experienced player remember a command, I have done what everything I could to make sure that Meepcraft is a joyous and entertaining community for not only myself, but mainly other My main source of receiving and distributing entertainment is through /shout where multiple ideas can be expressed. Even though I am talking with others, I still keep a close eye on any and all people spamming or swearing in chat.

    Not only through shout, but I also chat to others in /msg, especially when they have a problem. My main source of communication when assisting with a modreq is definitely /msg. I will occasionally have to talk to someone in local chat as oppose to /msg though which to me is not preferable. It is not preferable because I can see how the person reacts to an answer in /msg vs in local chat. They seem to really understand and take in the information given when it's 1 on 1 chat rather than letting others give their input, ultimately distracting the person, and not helping them to the full potential.

    Local chat is probably my least used form of chat, mainly because it only allows for people near me to see what I'm saying. There are of course times when it is essential to use local chat, such as when I'm mining with friends, or selling items to people.

    My dedication to this server is unlike most other peoples level of dedication. For over 1 year and 5 months, I have tirelessly tried to help people, improving their game play by whatever means necessary. Aside from helping around, I've shown my dedication, throughout the course of my time spent on meep, I have never abandoned it. To me, meep is like my second home and the community, my second family. Abandoning it would be like abandoning my family, and I would never willingly abandon my family. My family is what has helped me through the tough times, what has kept me well, and has given me a place to call home. Meep as well has done all these things for me and no matter what I do I will never be able to give back enough. So I have dedicated myself to giving others exactly the same feeling a secure place to call home.

    Work ethic and perseverance:
    As I have said before, I am a "try hard" type of person. No matter when, why, what, or where, I will always try my hardest. If I don't manage to get what I've set out to do the first attempt, I will continuously try to complete it no matter how many try's it takes. Even if I have completed something, but it is not to the best of my ability, I will still work at it until it's 100% complete. Anything that I have not tried my 100% in, I consider a fail, not only to the person I'm helping, but to myself as well. I am tough on myself in this aspect because I can't stand thinking I could have done better but didn't feel like it.

    With that being said, and knowing that I always give my all into everything, I have done over 600 modreq's in just this short periods of time. And I have never had a negative result from anyone who's modreq I'm handling. I try to move smoothly along with people because I find that if I'm talking to them for a while, they begin to loose interest and don't focus as hard, ultimately delaying the process. If I am able to move quickly along with each person, they stay attentive and are much more cooperative with me. So being able to do things efficiently definitely does have a major impact not only on what I'm able to do, but how the person takes in the help.

    With over 800 modreq's done in the time I've been staff, I can confidently say that my modreq doing is above par. And as I stated before, I try to all of them to the best of my ability. I always try to be the one to claim the modreq's before anyone else can because it's such a dog fight at times just to claim it. With every modreq I have completed, I have had a great response from just about everyone. No matter what kind of modreq it is, if I have the capability (in terms of perms) to assist a person in need, I won't hesitate to claim it. Whether it's a case of grief, theft, luring, or even help with commands, I will always try my best to help and do it to the best of my ability.

    I have made it one of my biggest priorities to communicate with others in all regions of meepcraft, from in game, to the forums, and on teamspeak. To me, communication with others is probably the most essential part of really excelling in what you do. When assisting people with their problems, I quickly try to establish some sort of relationship between us, essentially making it easier to communicate with them and help with their problem. I also try to keep what I say to a minimum length so that people will actually take the time to read what I've said, instead of just scanning it and not taking in fully what I've said. When helping people, I try to keep my communication with others to a minimum so I can fully focus on the person I'm helping at that time.

    The extra mile:
    I feel as if I'm very well known throughout the community as well as respected by the community, not unlike all the other staff. I do however feel that with my length of time playing, people look up to me. Aside from school and sleeping, playing on meepcraft is one of the only things I do. Not only that, but I am also very active on the forums while playing, and occasionally checking them while at school. I am also just about always online on Skype, aside from when I'm asleep, so I am always available to talk to if anyone is ever having a problem. I try making myself as easily accessible to those in need of assistance.

    Ever since my last application, I have tried much harder to go for the modreq's that require more effort in terms of kicking, or temp banning a player. The frequency in which I have been going through bans is that of a very high rate. While moderating chat I stand prepared to kick/tempban a player at any moment. Because I am not slow a typing, but rather quite a fast, I am able to take necessary action within a short period of time to minimize the damage that person might be causing, or even to simply calm everyone down while shouting "ban!"

    (The rest of this is useless info ~ xRestart)

    My experience

    My experience as a helper has been unlike any other feeling I have ever had, I was a put in a position of authority. To fully describe the feeling would be impossible, but putting it simply would be saying that it was absolutely incredible. Having such a sense of trust from others that I was doing well was just overwhelming. There really isn't any way to put my appreciation into words to fully express how amazing this experience has been.
    There have been times where I come across as rude to others although completely unintentional. I find this only happens when I'm either having a stressful day, or I'm in a bad mood. The most unlikely circumstance this happens is when I'm being flustered with questions, and it's hard for me to just communicate with one person. I am however trying to improve on problems by either removing myself from the situation for a minute or two so that I am able to calm down in the case that I am having a bad day, or by minimizing the amount of people I engage with at once. At the present moment, I find it somewhat difficult to monitor my behaviour, therefore, I don't always notice when I come across as rude. So I have been trying to really concentrate on my behaviour and monitor how I act. This will not only assist me when establishing a relationship with someone, but improve others attitude towards me.
    - The staff team have such fast fingers, that it is hard for me to get a ban in other then what I do in a modreq. This only happens when someone is spamming, or advertising, but regardless it's still hard to get in a kick or ban. To improve on this, I have been taking quite a few typing tests online to helpmeet with my typing speed, and to help me monitor my progress, and will continue to do that in the future. I have also improved my typing speed throughout the course of my time playing minecraft, so just me playing is already helping my typing. I hope that through these methods, I can improve my typing skills and become faster when it comes time to make an appropriate ban.


    In conclusion, my future is still a blank canvass and is up to me to draw out what it will look like. Will it be a messy drawing? Will it be neat? Will it be colourful? Or will it be dull? These questions are key factors in determining my future. I hope that with the guidance of others, and the step I have taken today, I can draw my best possible canvass and really make it shine for the future.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application and any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated.


    I wonder if all of the +1 are even truthful supports, or they are just doing it because they think it will do something
    Lets analyze EVERYTHING in your Moderator application, since this has become a big +1 rating let me lightin it up with some support for the staff. Yeahhh this took a while, like 15 minutes. Apperication.

    Ok first of all, you basically said nothing to help your application, all that was said basically is "With the increased capabilities that mod gets, such as /god, I will be able to monitor pvp in a much easier way." Is this the only reason you want this? What is all this stuff about communications and stuff? All you did was state your life story on meepcraft and your relationships. Yeah, no. Though you do have very good strong points nearly all the information you have given was not required at all, talk about a pain to read. Honest truth. Some stuff is totally not true at all and in my eye half looked like lies. Also, even if it was just a little, you made yourself look higher than everyone else, like they are useless and I got the message that you were saying "I am better than them."

    I feel like giving you moderator is like giving you my life. Yeah, no, I do not want that.
    Sorry Flame, I do not dislike you but I -1 Support

    But, I feel like you are going to get Moderator anyways.
  16. alter_vue

    alter_vue Meeper

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    holy cow xRestart. O RLY

    miss you flame!
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  17. shains

    shains never stop fighting

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    Accepted for interview!
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