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Dungeon Events Suggestion

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by LargeUnit, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. LargeUnit

    LargeUnit Popular Meeper

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    I find it unfortunate that there is only about an hour of content for each of the dungeons which we are only getting every other week, so here's a suggestion.

    We have weekly (or whatever) 24hr long events where in one of the dungeons, for the 24hr duration of the event:
    -PvP is enabled
    -Dungeon mobs have a "points" loot table (which are not lost on death and get reset after the event) and there are significantly more locations in the dungeon where the dungeon mobs spawn (as in the whole main path of every dungeon)
    -Friendly fire is enabled in the dungeon

    The idea is that at then end of the 24hrs those individuals with the most "points" from killing dungeon mobs gain significant rewards (I put a possible reward scheme at the end), which can be given out and announced manually by moderation staff. These events provide a reason for people to go back to the dungeons after they beat the quest. These events also give people a reason to sit in pvp zones so pvpers have a reason to play on the server. The reason for having friendly fire is simply so you can pvp more people, not be forced to team with your town and to lessen the strength of huge towns.

    I've found that the current system doesn't really rewards individuals but rather rewards towns since most people hide their money in their towns and one of the main desires of an economy server is to be on /baltop. These events would provide more recognition and reward to the best individual players on the server. There should be a "points" leaderboard visible on everyone's screen (toggleable) and at the end of the event those who got the most points should be announced globally and rewarded. This is great incentive for people who love grinding to spend countless hours grinding in the dungeons.

    For people to actually participate in these events the rewards would have to be worth it because you are likely to lose a lot of gear due to the pvp nature of the event so a possible reward scheme could be:

    1st 250k, 2nd 150k, 3rd 100k, 4th 50k, 5th 25k, 6th 15k, 7th 10k, 8th 5k.

    I tried to think of this in a way that would be as easily implementable as I could because I am desperate for content, but I am no developer and am not sure how hard this would be to implement.
  2. Exiarules

    Exiarules Meeper

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    I have definitely noticed the "what now?" factor after finishing a dungeon, this seems like a good idea to give new life to the dungeons and help the in-between period of dungeon releases.
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  3. Summers

    Summers Hot Meeper

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    Big +1
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  4. bloodyghost

    bloodyghost local haunt

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    I'm a big +1 to have pvp-centric dungeon events of some sort, though I'm unsure of what the best prizes would be. I feel like most of the pvp in extreme right now is preying on people trying to walk to spawn shops, which has to get old for both pvpers and victims alike. I think having the points work on an individual basis is also smart, as it gives a chance to great pvpers that aren't part of a large coordinated town effort. We need something like this to promote more intended and less one-sided pvp in Extreme.
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  5. andrewrobins

    andrewrobins My views are my own. Staff Member SuperArch

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    I’m +1 for anything that gets dungeons more regular use and meaning.
  6. IFartOnChilren

    IFartOnChilren Popular Meeper

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    This is really cool. +1. However I think the rewards might need tweaking. For events like these you wouldn’t want the rewards to generate a bunch of skulls out of thin air, you’d want them to come from somewhere. So maybe you have to pay some skulls to get inside the dungeon? And a % of your skulls gets taken away when you die and goes towards the rewards in the end. Otherwise I like this and I’m all for giving dungeons more of a purpose. They’ve spent so much time working on these dungeons/quest areas, so it would only make sense for them to be used more than once.
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  7. CluelessKlutz

    CluelessKlutz Badmin

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