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DianaB72's Helper to Mod Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by DianaB72, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. DianaB72

    DianaB72 Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    ign: DianaB72

    Skype: Yes (will create new one if must be made public)

    Teamspeak: DianaB72

    Mic use: Yes
    Age: Let’s just keep it at older than 30 still.

    Time Zone: Central
    In game hours (weekday) : 6-10 (maybe more?)
    In game hours (weekend): 6-10
    Position Changes: Helper to Mod


    I’m Diana and have been playing Meepcraft since about a month before the revolution. It took some time to learn the ropes but after applying for helper and working with the community I have gain so much knowledge. I’ve been helper for about 3 weeks and originally hesitated to apply for mod after the 2 weeks as I did not yet feel qualified. I have struggled with some of the commands but feel confident about them now. During the past week, I’m realizing that I can contribute a lot more as a Mod.

    My past history irl brings prior company management and current business owner experience to this position and possibly future positions. I stay home with my children running an online business so I am available throughout the day.

    I know a lot of you may not know much about me but I encourage you to reach out to me and get to know me. I am there, in the background, helping those who ask for help. I’ve never turned anyone away who was sincere in their efforts to befriend me or even just know me a little better. I’ve been so busy with modreqs that it has been hard for me to reach out much in shout though I have from time to time. Join our TeamSpeak channel. I am always there when I’m on Meep. I love the spoken word over the written word when it comes to chatting. It is a far more efficient way in conveying ones thoughts and there is little mistake as to how a statement can be interpreted.


    I think it is great for everyone to start out as helpers on staff. We need to know how people will react in different situations dealing with players on the server. Helpers too need to make sure this is the right thing for them. It’s actually a lot of work that one might not have known about if they had not been staff before. This has been the right thing for me.

    I like working with staff as a team. I have been getting Mods+ to issue the bans I need and it does work well. But having the ability to do them myself would free up the time I am taking from them and ultimately more can be done. Being a mod would allow me to become more efficient in working with the modreqs and issues.


    My weaknesses as staff are that I apparently can’t type as fast as others while trying to kick people for infractions. The moment I have it all typed out, I look up and someone has already done it. I hesitate doing them just for this reason. I will keep practicing and perfecting this.

    I also have not memorized all the punishments for all the infractions. I do have them all printed out so that I can refer to them easily.


    I know that becoming a mod will come with learning more commands and dealing with more issues. I look forward to it. All my prior management and business experience will definitely come into play as staff here on Meep. I can be on throughout most of the day and sometimes late into the night. I have the willingness to learn new duties and apply them when and where needed. Just let me know where I can help and I'll be there.
  2. LR_Davius

    LR_Davius Celebrity Meeper

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    You're one of the most competent people in the staff currently.
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  3. 1MinecraftLord1

    1MinecraftLord1 Celebrity Meeper

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    I think your a great helper, maybe work on/shout activity I'm +0.75, good luck
  4. The_Squirrelman

    The_Squirrelman Popular Meeper

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    Diana! I'm very happy you applied. Let's get started.

    In terms of your app, it was a little short in length, but let's get on to the content. I like how you emphasized reacting in different situations, and need of abilities. However, there wasn't much else, so I'd like if you could bring more to the table in terms of what you have as a staff member in your app.

    Now, your work. Gee, I have no idea where to begin. Your work ethic is phenomenal. Working with you, you took every case seriously and tried to do it correctly and throughly. You were passionate in your work, but considerate in your actions. On the modreq and crime field, your work was one to behold. You absolutely did everything you could online at the time, while helping our your two children. I remember, I met you through Soudafat. You were completely new to minecraft, went on the server, had Souda teach you, and you in turn taught everything you knew to your kids, made money for them, helped them out, and began to expand your range of helping to the entire server. A mother's experience, passion, and heart.

    You have more than my approval, +1.
  5. reggles44

    reggles44 NANA NaNa nana NaNa NANA NaNa nana NaNa, REGGLES! Elder

    Likes Received:
    It wasn't too long ago that I remember teaching you the basics of modreqs and look at how far you have come. You activity its amazing, your judgement is superb, and you dedication is top notch. I would love to see you be an even bigger part of the community.

    I hope this get approved before I leave +1
  6. DancingCactus

    DancingCactus Legendary Meeper

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    I've personally only had a couple interactions so I don't know you that much... but I've heard you are an incredible staff member.

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
  7. shains

    shains never stop fighting

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    You've helped me so much since becoming helper, and you have done amazing work as a helper, I want to see you as a mod. You're definitely ready for it, and your activity on Teamspeak is amazing. I'm a 100% +1.
  8. ZapChance

    ZapChance Popular Meeper

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    I have no idea who you are or where you came from, but I don't dislike you. *yet* +1
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  9. zachforfun123

    zachforfun123 Popular Meeper

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    This, +1.
  10. HotAsianBeans

    HotAsianBeans Celebrity Meeper

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    Diana you are such a caring individual who has experience dealing with upset children and you are da coolest +1
  11. Flamedemond2

    Flamedemond2 Highly flammable

    Likes Received:
    Pier pressure... +1
    Seriously though, I honestly think you'd be great for the position of moderator. I would like to see you participate in /shout more though. Good luck!
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