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Davidkr's Application for Moderator

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Davidkr, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Davidkr

    Davidkr New Meeper

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    Hi Meepcrafter's!

    My Name is David, (Davidkr minecraft username) and i hear that you guys are looking for experienced moderators. Well, I think i'm a person your'e looking for! First let me tell you a little bit about myself and some information you may need.

    Real Name: David

    Minecraft Username: Davidkr

    Age: 17

    Here are some questions and answers.

    Do I host a server?

    Have I moderated on other servers?

    Am I experienced with the basic moderator commands?

    Why do I want to be a moderator on MeepCraft?

    I want to help moderate this server because I want the server to run right. Like I said, I host servers and I know it is not easy to do, so I want to help you guys out on making this server the best server it could be. I want to make this server fun and keep it organized. And most importantly, I want to see us grow and grow and grow as a community.

    What would I do as a Moderator?

    I would keep this server organized to the best of my ability. I will keep watch, report or try and fix lag issues. Fix all server issues that i can or report them to the server owner. I would check for greifing, and kick or ban them.

    How often do I play?

    Usually one hour total a day.

    I'm on sometimes morning, after 3:00 pm. and 8:00 to 9:30

    In summary, I want to help make this server better. (Not that it's bad). I will and am responsible, and I would take my job seriously.

    Thank you all who have read my application for moderator!
    I look forward to helping moderating your server and I hope you give me a chance at this job.

    Thank you all,
    I hope you all accept. :)
  2. Netrarc

    Netrarc Popular Meeper

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    David, I am glad you hear that you like the server and want to help out. As a staff member, you will be required to know and follow the rules, and to help explain those rules to others. Your application shows that you are not yet familiar with our rules. For example, we have a thread in this forum called "Compulsory Application Format & Tips" which explains the format that you must use in your application. You did not follow that format. Do you know the other server rules well enough to teach and enforce them?

    Also, I see that you applied to become a moderator. If you spend some time in the community, you will learn that the first staff position is Helper. Once you become a helper and prove yourself in that role, you can apply to become a moderator.

    For now, the application is auto-denied for formatting issues. You may re-apply in two weeks, but I recommend that you spend more time getting to know our community and letting us get to know you.
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