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Danrjik Helper App!

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Danrjik, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. Danrjik

    Danrjik Active Meeper

    Likes Received:
    In Game Name: Danrjik
    Skype Username: danielweinstein26
    Teamspeak Username: danielweinstein26
    Mic use: Yes
    Age: 15
    Timezone: Los Angeles; Western United States
    Hours online per weekday: Around 3-5
    Hours online per weekend: 10-20
    Position Changes: Citizen To Helper

    Hey, I am back with another application, and this one will not get auto-denied because I have waited 2 weeks for it. I have said that I would have to leave Meepcraft, but right now, my parents are one vacation so I get a few days on, until Monday.

    Introduction: Hello, My name is Daniel, also known As Danrjik. I am a A and B+ student at school. I take many interests such as city building, and architecture. I originally downloaded Minecraft because it looked fun to make buildings, and create things in a virtual world of my own. After a little while, things got really boring, and I started looking up servers. The first server I found was Meepcraft. I tried it, and immediately got addicted, and was on for about 4 hours. The next day, I wanted to find some other towny servers, but none of them had such a population, good mini games, and skyblock adventures! All other servers that I found were deleted, and now this server is my basic Minecraft activity, and I visit Meepcraft on a daily basis now.

    Work Ethics: I am able to be up to the task. In Minecraft, I am able to wise up, and even though I may fool around in Skype, and TeamSpeak, I am able to immediately get serious, and be up to the task, no matter what it may be. I usually stay in the vicinity of City Parkour, and TntRun, and lookout for people in /shout that need help, although you may not see me respond, because I usually respond in /msg. I am still a fairly new to this site, but from the start, I knew the Basics, and am now becoming a well known member.

    Dedication: Meepcraft Grows on me by the minute. From the start, I immediately knew that this would be the main server that I would check on every day, and to make Meebles. I guess that from the first server you get, you just have a very special bond with, because when I first purchased Minecraft, I pictured myself playing on single player, or on L.A.N., but now, I cannot picture myself going on anywhere else.

    Teamspeak/Skype Activity: Yes, you will probably see me more often on Skype than on Teamspeak, because sometimes, it may glitch, but I am on for a long time, and It will not be hard to talk to me while I am playing Minecraft, and watching mindless T.V. like MOFY or something. So this is a plus, I think.

    Why I should be a Helper: I am the leader at my school drama club (I have a small personal interest in performing arts) and also, Every summer, I go to a 4 day seminar about how to become a leader. Adding to this, I also am in my school student council. I believe that this gives me leadership experience, and helping. I am very trusty, as it is, and I promise that you will always see me in chat (not spamming) and I frequently help people out. I have done my share of /modreqs, and am now full of meepcraft information! Please consider this while rating me!

    Weaknesses: I have to be humble, and admit, I am still a new member to this site, but I have been on the server since October/November 2013. Also, I have to admit, I can be immature on chat, but if you meet me, you can get past that, and you will come to think of me as a nice person on TeamSpeak, or Via Skype. I am able to pay attention, and be a good role model to those who curse on /shout, because Even I am more mature than to want to curse. I like to watch out for people that do say sexual/bad words, and tell them that it is not cool, and if they keep doing it, it is not going to fly. If I were a helper, though, I would be able to give proper consequences to people that do cheat, or break rules. Also, my rule is that School comes first, so I might not get on until late to do a "shift."

    Keep on Meeping,

    P.S: Yes I am desperate. I admit it. Aren't we all?

    CRE3PERK1LL3R Well-Known Meeper

    Likes Received:
    +/- Ok application
    + Dedicated
    +/- Seem mature, but I have no experiences with you so I wouldn't know
    +TS activity

    I want to give this a +1, but I don't know you well enough to do so. As of now, my vote is +0
    Danrjik likes this.
  3. StopResetting

    StopResetting Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    It has not been two weeks since you last applied:
    Not only that you had the same issue on your previous app - you applied before the two weeks were up.

    There's something very wrong if you fail to uphold to something as simple as this. Desperation and impatience isn't very appealing.

    There's also all the previous feedback you've gotten on past applications; no improvements since you last applied.
    P.S. You forgot the conclusion.
  4. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

    Likes Received:
    Denied, again. Your last application was denied on the 26th, so you should not have reapplied until the 12th.

    I suggest you look over what has been said on this application, and your last two, before you reapply in no less than two weeks.
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