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Camando_Riley's Mod App

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Camando_Riley, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Camando_Riley

    Camando_Riley Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    In Game Name:Camando_Riley
    Skype Username: n/a
    Teamspeak username:Camando_Riley
    Mic use: N/a
    Age: 16
    Hours online per weekday: 3-4
    Hours online per weekend day: 10-12
    Position Changes: Citizen-mod

    Hello, I am doing this interview to try to become moderator. I have great leadership skills(Boy Scout Patroll Leader and Class president) and am very patient. I want to be a moderator because I know than meepcraft is a great server but there are people who want to cheat the system for their own purposes. I have only been banned once but( for advertising when I said meepcraft.com. It was appealed) it was not my fault. I have been accused of swearing at one of the biggest meepcrafters of all time(GIGAWATTS) and he is my personal friend. I explained what happened to me and after 3 brutal weeks, my name was cleared by a mod. I want to help my fellow friends in this game and help the people who need it. I am apart of a very nice town called Ender City where I live with my friends. I have recommendations from many such as GIGAWATTS, williamtylera and J3di1012. Thank you for your time and I will understand any decision you make.
  2. Telinus

    Telinus Celebrity Meeper

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    Second post on forums, you cannot be a Moderator before Helper, format was wrong and you kind of need Skype.
  3. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    Denied. As Tel said, Skype and Mic Use are required. You must also use the entire format. Please reapply in no sooner than two weeks.

    I also suggest that you improve your forums and in game activity and helpfulness. Just be overall friendly and nice. You should also familiarize yourself with out rules and requirements, as you must be a Helper before applying for Moderator and that certain things are required before you can apply. Finally, you should take a look at the tips post under the format post, review the format post, and perhaps read through the accepted applications and the applications that got a lot of +1's in order to see what a staff application should look like.
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