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Denied Banned for Sexual content???

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by jeremiahjavelona, Aug 30, 2014.

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  1. jeremiahjavelona

    jeremiahjavelona Popular Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name):jeremiahjavelona
    When you were banned:i dunno when
    Reason:Sexual content
    Ban Length:perm
    Staff Member:slicknsly
    Why we should consider your appeal:Since sexual content isnt permable
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  2. Klitch


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    Lmao. This guy.

    1. Inappropriate Conduct

    Any conduct deemed inappropriate by a staff member falls under this rule. Violations of this rule include but are not limited to:
    • Spamming chat or encouraging spam (any repetitive posting, random characters, excessive arguing, continuously complaining about a punishment given, and/or any other deemed unnecessary chat will be considered spam)
    • Intentionally avoiding the caps filter
    • Swearing, Sexual Content, Hate-related content, Drug-related content, and any other deemed inappropriate conversations
    • Inappropriate/Offensive skins
    • Any act against another player's will, any disrespect toward another player, and/or any false claims made about a player without proper evidence. (Harassment/Slander)
    Inappropriate conduct can occur through any means, IE: any form of communication, signs, buildings, etc.
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  3. ShadowBlizzard

    ShadowBlizzard Celebrity Meeper

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    Within the past month, you had 3 tempbans on Sex Ref, and all of those with a worse punishment than the other (one of the recent ones was 7 days)

    After plenty of tempbans, higher staff do have the right to issue a permanent ban if necessary.
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  4. CyborgZeroX

    CyborgZeroX -=Retired Staff Member=- Elder

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    This appeal is Denied

    You know that this is not allowed on the server, you are a Ranked player.
    Feel free to reappeal in 2 weeks and no less.
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