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Denied Ban Appeal: Squire_Hobbes

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by Scythe_Wielder, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. Scythe_Wielder

    Scythe_Wielder Active Meeper

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    IGN: Squire_Hobbes
    Date/Time: 11/27/2013 ,8:53 pm
    Reason: X-raying
    Ban length: Forever
    Staff member: Shainthewolfman
    Why we should consider.
    I can't considered responsible for my actions. I was in a massive mineshaft and I found lots of gold and iron. Then I get banned from a Mod.
  2. shains

    shains never stop fighting

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    Here's my proof:

    1. You went directly from one spawner to another.
    2. After that you got gold that was hidden by cobblestone with no effort.
    3. You went directly from a mineshaft wall to diamond ore
    4. You found iron ore completely covered by stone
    5. You found diamond ore, once again, completely hidden by stone
    6. You dug straight from diamond ore, to diamond ore, to diamond ore, to gold ore.

    Another staff member will accept or deny this.
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  3. Jackl01

    Jackl01 Celebrity Meeper

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    After consideration, this appeal will be denied. Shain has posted a video That clearly shows you went from ore to ore, spawner to spawner ect... This quantity of stuff would take hours upon hours to find in the wild.
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