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Apply for moderator/abolans99

Discussion in 'Denied' started by abolans99, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. abolans99

    abolans99 New Meeper

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    I Took the freedom and use my own mod app format. I hope u like it.

    Name: Ali

    In Game Name: Abolans99

    Age: 11

    Why do you want to be a Moderator: I want to be a moderator because helping people is one of my passions, be it in minecraft or in real life. My heart warms up when i know i have helped someone as i know their hearts do to. When someone is in need of help i will be there without question. I will fullfil whatever needs they have in order to make them feel better. Although, i will not fullfil those needs if they are against the rules or may be prejudicial towards someone. As i said before this is mypassion, and if i am chosen to represent this server as a headadmin i will not disappoint it and use my years of experience to bring joy and pride to my happy family

    What Would You Do As A Moderator: I would help the server with all the experience i have in administrating servers. I will keep members in control and make sure new and old members find themselves in a friendly environemnt everytime they login to this wonderful server. Hacks will not be tolerated, and if i come across anyone using i will not hesitate to tempban or ban. I will make sure to remember everyday that i am a Moderator, if i get chosen, and i should not use my power and perms to overpower members so i will control myself in pvp, if not pvp at all. I will promote a safe environment in spawn to make sure all new members feel at home and that they do not feel threatened.

    Any Experience As A Moderator: I have a load of experience in moderating and administrating servers. I have been a moderator in approximately 4 servers, administrator in 3, headadmin in 2, and owner in some of my friends server. i can assure you people of this server that i am able to handle this position as a moderator. I am familiar with plugins and how they work and i will use the most out of my commands if it means helping members.

    How Active Will You Be On? (Hours) : I will be very active as this is part of my job. On weekdays i will be on for 6-9 hours to help the server. While on weekends i will be on for 10-15 hours. I would like to say tha these times may vay because I, like most people in Unique Craft, may have homework and projects but i can guarantee that i will be on everyday, unless my health is in danger so therefore i would be in the hospital that day.

    How Much money Did You Donate: I havent donated yet as my parents dont like to put their credit card numbers on the internet, but i am planning on donating when i get my own. I will do almost anything if it means helping the server, including donating.

    Scenarios: (What Would You Do?)

    1. If Someone Begged You For Items? I would refuse at once. I would kindly tell them this is inappropriate behaviour as they should not be asking for items. If they persisted i would kick them. I they did not give up a tempban would come along and consequencially a ban or ipban.

    If Someone Died And Started Raging. I would gently tell them to calm down and start over. After all starting over is part of the magic of minecraft. If they did not calm down i would still try to convince them to stop, as i myself have been through this. I do not like banning personally because i know members regret everything they have done after they have been banned, but if i noticed that my approach to making them calm down was not working a kick, tempban, or ban would be inevitable.

    3. If Someone Started To Bully Another Player. Bullying is the thing i cant tolerate the most out of all other bad things. This attitude towards other members is inexplicable. I will not stand and watch a member be bullied culturally or religiously no matter to what religion or culture they stand for. I would tell the bully to stop immediately and warn them of the consequences of their attitudes. If they did not cease with that childish behaviuor they would get kick, tempbanned, or banned likewise.

    For Contact In Case Of Emergencies.

    Do You Have Skype? (Yes/No) Yes, my skype is Abolans99
  2. james_Grimplin

    james_Grimplin Popular Meeper

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    i think this will be an auto-deny, you didn't list if you had teamspek and Skype.
  3. StopResetting

    StopResetting Popular Meeper

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    This is an auto-deny over format.
    There is a format provided for a reason - for you to use it.

    • Welcome to the server
    • Welcome to the forums
      • Your application should not your first post on here.
    • You need a teamspeak.
    • We don't care if you've donated or not. This position cannot be bought if that's what you're trying to infer by mentioning donations.
    If you've held staff positions in the past as you mentioned then this application would have reflected that. I needn't go into further detail. Nice try though.

    He did mention skype, its the last sentence on the application.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
    Netrarc likes this.
  4. Stone_Hawkeye

    Stone_Hawkeye Active Meeper

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    -1 I have never seen you in-game and your forums activity is low. Good luck though!
  5. Mainkreke

    Mainkreke Popular Meeper

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    Please follow the format...
  6. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    Follow the format provided. "Compulsory" means required. Reapply using the correct format in no less than two weeks.
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