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Alex77034's Better Helper App

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Epicminer200, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Epicminer200

    Epicminer200 Well-Known Meeper

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    name: Alex
    username: alex77034
    age: 13, (it says on my profile that I am 20 something.)
    Gender: male
    skype username: (sorry my mom doesn't allow me to have skype i don't know why so you can kik me and my username on kik: Epicminer200
    how often I play: at least twice a week 20-30 mins
    applying for: helper

    Starting paragraph:
    Hi my name is Alex and my username is alex77034. I have been on Meep for a year or two now and I think Im ready to become helper.I am on Meep daily and i have lots of spare time for modreqs,help,or the time other people have a problem which we'll get to in a little bit. I have 1 sister and she drives me crazy so if I keep on turning off... it's my sister

    contacting me:
    My mom for some reason has a problem with me on skype i will ask her why but that's not the end of contacting me since you can get the app "kik" on the appstore (works for kindle fire,tablet,Ipad,Iphone,andIpod.)find my
    username which is listed above.^^^I'm not on forums that much to say the least and i will because I have been on a forum and they don't care with one thing I say even if there's a virus or a bug. But i will stay more on forums from now on and ill start liking your stuff.

    Meep is a wonderful server but there are a few bad people on there. I am kinda shy but if someone is doing something like spamming,cursing,inicting spam, not appeal, towny theif,and Island killing.But whatever It
    is i will make sure ill catch them and do the right thing and also give them a fair deal.Like getting banned for spam for like 7 days is kinda unfair but if it keeps on happening maybe a day or two or maybe a hour.Also,
    the worst people that hate Meep once they say something bad, you know that if you kick them they will do it again.But I will try my best to make Meep a better place.

    modreqs are things that people need help with right? but I also kinda don't under stand when you get one.
    Like i know you have to help them and I am fine with that accept does the modreq go to a random staff member? if so then I get it but if something else is gonna happen tell me below and I will be really thankful.
    Helping someone is something i Like to do and make people understand. other then that little problem I can handle it.

    Things i am good at: parkour,boomo,kitpvp,and designing stuff and my brain is bursting with ideas to
    make Meep even more awesome.

    Things i am bad at: ctf,hg, and.................redstone...sorry i am bad at those things
    and that ends my app! thank you
  2. james_Grimplin

    james_Grimplin Popular Meeper

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    • - no weakness section
    • - format was weird
    • - bad app anyway, i don't think you need to be good at parkour kitpvp and such to be a helper
    • - you need Skype, kik will not do
    • - never seen you IG
    • - forum activity is bad
    i am a -1, good luck
  3. Danrjik

    Danrjik Active Meeper

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    +/- Okay App
    -You're still new to forums
    +Have seen you ingame

    +/- for me.
  4. Neil_WW

    Neil_WW Celebrity Meeper

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  5. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    Denied, Skype is required for a reason
    There are no exceptions. Try asking your mom if she will let you.

    If you decide to reapply in no sooner than two weeks, I also suggest;
    - Increase in game acrivity. Just generally be friendly in shout and such.
    - Increase forums activity. Your Helper Application should never be one of your first posts. Try posting constructive posts in sections such as Staff Recruitment, Report a Bug, Q&A, and Suggestions.
    - Ensure that before you reapply you have and list all the required accounts, including Skype and TeamSpeak.
    - Use the correct and entire format.
    - 20-30 minutes, twice a week, is not nearly enough. Try more for at least two hours every day of the week, and at least four on weekends.
    - Look at the Tips and Tricks post under the format to improve your application.
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