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Adventure Islands

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Adracator, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Adracator

    Adracator Active Meeper

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    Idea: The Adventure Islands

    What is it? The Adventure Island is well, a combined place for adventure. The islands would include parkour courses, dungeons and special areas - but will be primarily quest based. The islands will have an emphasis as a single player gamemode.

    The Structure of the Islands: The islands could be divided into "districts," or multiple islands. Once you reach a certain level in an island, you will be able to progress to another island.

    Each island will have a selection of parkour maps, some quests and a dungeon. For example, we could have a "Jungle Island" where;

    A player would spawn in a village on the island, and have to complete some quests for the villagers like "find the ingredients," . They could then be instructed to complete a parkour course to achieve an item(like an artifact) to take back to the village, to unlock a key. The key could unlock access to a dungeon where a player may need to fight a boss. Once the player defeats the boss, they could obtain access to another island.

    That's a very simple outline of what an island could be like, and there would probably be more do per island. Furthermore, multiple islands would allow the staff team to add more content/islands over time and we could also have "special islands" for special events.

    With regard to the difficulty in creating this, it probably wouldn't be too hard. We could reuse certain assets - for instance with Jungle. We could incorporate/expand Jungle parkour in it, include the Jungle Dungeon from extreme and work some other assets into it.

    Potential things that we could include in the islands:

    •Parkour courses
    •Random encounters(when you're walking to a dungeon/place to complete a quest, you could be forced to make a decision in a random event).
    •"Hubs" - like a common area on the island where you spawn, like a town centre.
    •Pathways, we could have like an "easy" path and a "hard" path to get to an objective.

    Potential ideas for islands:

    •Jungle Island
    •City Island
    •Nether Island

    Just a concept, do with it what you will. Take ideas/rubbish others, morph it into whatever you want.
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