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About Helper/Moderator Applications

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by ApplesFTW, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. ApplesFTW

    ApplesFTW New Meeper

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    Hai~ *This thread is mobile friendly*
    This has got to the extremely difficult for staff members to sort through, with the addition of PM's about applications of top of it all.
    This thread is basically any information I've gathered considering the review periods of moderator applications, and any other questions regarding Applications, hopefully clearing up any player confusion, and staff walls.
    *Please note, all the information included is a conclusion of what I've learned about Moderator Applications, meaning it might not be 100% accurate, although it should be pretty accurate >.
    How are Moderator Applications reviewed?
    Moderator/Helper Applications are reviewed, then accepted or denied by Staff members.
    Every application is initially viewed by one staff member, and from there the first decision is made; Yes, or no.
    Than they either move you to the interview or denied forum, depends whether you were accepted or not.

    The following are commonly asked questions about Moderator Applications, answered to the best of my ability.
    If I've already applied once and been denied, will it take longer for my second application to be viewed?
    All applications are taken into consideration at the time when viewed, unless you've already applied and been denied three times (being denied for age doesn't count.)
    It's all a matter of when the application is received, relating to where it is placed on the queue.

    May I reapply straight after I get declined?
    After you have been declined on your application, you are not allowed to reapply straight after that. Applying each time you get declined means that you're spamming and staff members aren't able to go through all the applications. You have to wait 2 weeks to reapply.

    If my application is accepted, does that mean I automatically become a Helper/Moderator?
    An accepted application simply means you've moved onto the interview stage.
    To fully become a Helper/Moderator, you must pass the interview stage.

    Why is there an age limit, and why can't it be lowered?
    I've seen numerous threads regarding the age required for Moderator, and my opinion is the same and probably won't be changed;
    The age limit is there for a reason, and won't be changed. Take the extra time you are given until you become old enough to reach the age limit, and improve your skills and application.

    The current required age is sixteen years old, no less.
    Even if the application was the holy grail of all applications, if the applicant was too young, they cannot be accepted.
    From what I've heard, they've had problems with underage Moderators since, and became more strict on the rule.
    If they make an exception for one person, every other underage applicant will wonder why their application wasn't accepted, and cause a massive frenzy.
    I've been there, I understand.
    I'm thirteen and would love to be a Moderator, but you just have to realize, rules are rules, and those rules are in place for a reason.
  2. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    Are you kidding me? There is absolutely NO age limit.

    I appreciate the obvious time and effort that you've been putting into these, but if staff feels that there needs to be additional guides posted, they're more than capable of addressing that issue themselves.
    chaos546 and CyborgZeroX like this.
  3. Deinen0

    Deinen0 Guest

    We are not currently looking for anymore guides in this forum topic. This should be reserved for only staff applications. However if you feel the need you may post a guide in the guides section.

    Thank you.
  4. MeepStats

    MeepStats Legendary Member

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    (Seconded, I'll move the thread there for you :) )
  5. Qaztar

    Qaztar Celebrity Meeper

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    Yep, no age limit.
    Not an amazing guide, no offense.
    chaos546 likes this.

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