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A Guide to the "Virtual" Shop

Discussion in 'Unofficial Guides' started by Will_1688, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Will_1688

    Will_1688 Meeper

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    This is a guide to usage of the "Virtual Shop" or "Vshop".

    Red is for required parameters, otherwise the command will fail.
    Blue is for "optional" parameters, in which the command will work without the parameter added.

    The first command is to buy an item from Vshop.

    /buy <amount> <item> <price>

    This command buys an item from the Vshop defaulting to the person who is selling your specified item. The amount is the number of the item that you want. The item is the item. The price parameter specifies the amount per item that you intend to pay. If the cheapest price is bigger than the price parameter, the command will fail.

    Example: /buy 2 diamond 1000

    This command would try to buy 2 diamonds each at a price of below 1000 meebles. If you lack the meebles, it will execute partially and if there isn't 2 diamonds under 1000 per diamond, the command would also fail.

    You can also use an item's ID in place of the item's name. For example the diamond gem's ID is 264. So, assuming the command above, it would translate to:

    /buy 2 264 1000

    Tip : Always try to specify a price per item. That way you can always be sure that you will not be paying more for an item than you originally intended.

    The second command is to sell an item.

    /sell <amount> <item> <price>

    This command sells a specified item onto the Vshop at the price/item specified. It would attempt to take the amount that you specified from your inventory. When someone buys your item, you would receive meebles equivalent to the amount you specified in the price/item.

    Example: /sell 2 diamond 1000

    This command would put 2 diamond onto the Vshop at a price of 1000 per diamond. If you lack the diamonds, this command would fail. You can also use an item's ID which would be /sell 2 264 1000

    The third command is to find an item on the Vshop

    /find <item>

    This command tries to find the specified item on the Vshop and returns in chat a list of people that are selling the prices at the price they are selling at. You can then use the /buy command to buy the item.

    The fourth command is to list everything selling on the Vshop.

    /stock <page>

    This command returns the list of everything that is selling on the Vshop. Entering a number in the <page> parameter would change the content being shown.

    The fifth command is to list everything selling by a certain player on Vshop

    /stock <player name> <page>

    This command returns the list that a certain player is selling on Vshop. Entering a number into the <page> parameter would change the content list being shown on the screen.

    The sixth command is to cancel a stock that you are selling on the Vshop

    /cancel <item> <number>

    This command cancels an item that you are currently selling on the Vshop. Entering a number into the <number> field would only remove the number of items that you specified. The items would then return to your inventory.

    TIP : Make sure your inventory has space before running this command.

    Example: /cancel diamond 5

    This command would remove the 5 diamonds that I am selling on the Vshop. Item IDs would also work.

    The seventh command is to see a historical log of a certain player's sales.

    /sales <player name> <page>

    This command would show the historical records of a certain player, his buying and his selling. Setting the page number to a number would change the listed content.

    VirtualShop Tips:

    1. Price Items reasonably. If someone is already offering at item at a certain price, try to target a price lower then that price. If someone is selling a diamond for 1000 meebles, try to sell for 990 meebles. Don't sell too low, otherwise the item's value would disappear.

    2. Consider the cost of items. If you are selling an ironingot, think about the cost of that ironingot. Include the price of smelting the iron ore into the ingot and also the price of mining that ore. Add the costs together. Don't be unreasonable.

    3. Buy Low , Sell High. If you are considering about "reselling" an item, you should wait until the cost is extremely cheap, then you should buy it all and resell it. Beware, there is a pretty high risk factor, that reselling would fail.

    4. Supply and Demand. Consider how much or how hard it is to get a certain item and then weigh in how many people would probably want the item. If there is a low supply and high demand, you should charge high. If there is a high supply and low demand, you should charge low.

    5. Worth. Make sure that you understand the worth of an item. As in its rarity, how hard it is to acquire, before selling an item into the Vshop. If you charge too low, you'll lose possible profit. If you charge too high, no one will buy when there is competition.

    6. Competition. Try to be the "sole" seller in an item that hardly has any competition. When there is a lot of competition try to sell low and try to outprofit the competing players.
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  2. sinisterweapon7

    sinisterweapon7 Popular Meeper

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    Nice! thanks for making this. a lot of players don't really know how to use the vshop. Hopefully this will help.
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