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A better system for finding a town to live in and a safe system for residents of towns going under.

Discussion in 'Denied' started by ChutneyGames., Apr 18, 2015.


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  1. ChutneyGames.

    ChutneyGames. Well-Known Meeper

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    I have noticed that there's many new players asking for towns to join a town to no avail. I was thinking is there could be a set of commands for a town owner to use so that they can send a message out that their town has free spaces. A user on the other side who is looking for a plot will see the spot and will be able to find a place to build a home.

    Another thing I think would help is a better town bankruptcy recovery system. I had a town back in 2013 but I couldnt keep the town on the money I conned of Mrs. Diana. Due to my poor planning and a sexuel reference i couldnt keep the town. With my money and my hopes gone I returned to my embassy at another town and found they were shut down too. So I lost everything. Its then I realised my citizens were left gone too and they didnt even get a warning.

    A way for citizens of shut down towns to recover their belongings within a certain time would help curve quitting players and help the server grow. And having a better system for joining towns would lower chat spamm and also lower the rates of quitting players. And considering that towns are the main attraction at meepcraft hopfully these get considered.

    Thank you lord Fuzzlr for giving us jobs back. If I wasn't playing war thunder or some other free to play id hang out in meep.

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