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Best Posts in Thread: A New Era Of MeepCraft

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Epic Staff Member Administrator

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    A New Era Of MeepCraft!

    Welcome to the largest update to Meepcraft yet. Today, we are announcing the next generation of the server which will help Meepcraft grow in the years to come. These will be a series of major updates made to the server which focus on creating an engaging and memorable experience for the player. In short, we’ve taken your feedback from the last year and used it to create a better Meep!

    Next Generation: Towny [ETA: July]

    Towny has been the staple of Meep since it was founded. It has been where countless friends were made. Many will recall playing with certain features such as Pets, jobs, stocks, terrarium, dungeons. All of these will be making a return. Our goal was to make Towny Next Generation a mix of both nostalgic features and new fresh content. We have gone above and beyond to bring the latest innovations of the Minecraft economy back to Meepcraft. It’s time we return to what made us great. To do this, we had to start with a main goal; Develop an experience that veteran players and new players alike will enjoy!

    Yes, you read that right. Blast off into space with our new custom rockets and items (no mods required). Colonize the moon and build your empire in this new realm. New crafting recipes and items have been added in this update. Make sure to do /space when you next log in.


    The Bank, Stock Exchange, & Admin Shop

    The Gold Bank returns! Players can now buy and sell Gold to the bank @ /warp bank. This is a feature that was previously removed from Meepcraft but is now returning in the next-generation game mode!

    Players can once again trade meebles for shares of ANY real-life stocks at the Stock Broker. To combat previous issues, there is now a cooldown between selling and buying shares. Have fun and good luck trading!

    The Auction house allows players to buy and sell items, including custom items, through its unique and intuitive GUI. As well as this, we have improved the chest-shop experience. Player warps returns as well as Player holograms for the first time since 2015!

    A new /rankup mechanic has been added. Rise through the ranks to unlock game-changing perks and features. Ranks cost money but unlock various new abilities. After reaching a certain rank players will be able to access the Perk store, where players may pay for access to various perks for 1 week.

    A few examples of perks:
    • Vein Miner

    • Fly in the resource world

    • Builder Wand

    • Many more!
    Note: Rank-Up perks will be separate from Donator perks.

    Scheduled events will occur hourly, here are a few events that you may see:

    • Supply Drop in the terrarium

    • Airship

    • Puzzles

    • Blood Moons

    • Lottery Drawings

    • Meteor Showers
    Returning: Pets
    Tame mobs and have them assist in everyday activities such as fighting, gathering and killing mobs. You can customize nearly every aspect of your pets!

    Both skills (from SkyBlock) and jobs will make their way over to towny. Level up to unlock game-changing abilities! We have listened to your feedback on Jobs and have made major changes. All job perks will be moved to the Rank-Up and Perk shop. Additionally, every day you can elect to complete various objectives for rewards!

    Custom Terrain


    We now have custom terrain and beautiful new biomes for you to build your towns in. The terrain has a similar feel as vanilla Minecraft while adding new features. The resource world will still contain normal terrain.

    Resource World
    The resource world will remain strictly with vanilla biomes. This includes the Nether and End realms as well. However, there are dungeons that will appear throughout the new resource world. Be sure to keep an eye out for these new structures as they may contain loot. As well as this, treasure chests now contain improved loot to make them worth your while.

    You are now able to buy and use vehicles in the Towny world. These help to improve the realism of the world as well as provide an incentive to build and develop transport infrastructure.


    For a list of current vehicles, look at the list below:

    • Cars and Super Cars

    • Bikes and Sportbikes

    • Airplanes and Helicopters

    • Rafts and Submarines

    • Tractors and Boring machines

    • Tanks and Parachutes
    This does NOT require any downloadable content to work

    Other Features at a glance
    • Custom Enchants

    • Voting rewards and perks have been improved with 6 new crates

    • Mob Arena has been readded into the Spawn

    • New villager interactions and trades are available in the Meep Village

    • Players can earn collectibles from killing mobs

    • Players will be able to rent shops at /warp towns

    • A new improved version of the 2014 spawn layout has been made for ease of navigation at towny spawn.

    • Meteors now have a chance to fall, giving rewards in a chest. Do be aware, bosses are guarding this loot

    • Blood moon now has a chance to rise, spawning special enemies

    • Seasons now affect player abilities.

    • New chat games have been added for a prize

    • New backpacks for storage have been added

    • Rails can be made extra high speed by placing a certain block under a powered rail

    • The Paper Lottery is making a return

    • Server broadcasts are now located on the boss bar to prevent spam
    Next Generation: Lobby [ETA: July]


    Player retention has long been a major issue on Meep. This will no longer be the case. The Spawn will be getting a rework with player retention in mind! In addition, vote sites will be getting a rework.

    Zombies [No ETA Yet]


    Zombies will be a brand new minigame that will be added to Meep. This minigame will build off Meeps great community as it is a coop zombie shooter game. As you kill more zombies and complete waves, you can unlock new gears, weapons, and areas to explore.
    Creative [No ETA Yet]

    After designing the Next Generation of Towny, we asked ourselves, what more can we bring to players? Creative is a game mode in which players can claim a plot and build whatever they want on their plot of land. This has been extensively used by Towny players to design their architecture.

    Creative will return with new much larger plots and WorldEdit!

    Final Note
    It is not possible to implement Next Generation Towny features in the current towny world. This leaves two options, reset, or have 2 towny worlds. We would like to hear your feedback on this, please fill out this form:

    Towny Form Link

    Additionally, If you would like to give feedback on any other features, please fill this form out:

    Feedback Form Link

    Make sure to check out our roadmap for updates on development. We hope to provide more info and updates as development continues!

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  2. 7acespade

    7acespade Celebrity Meeper

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    This is impressive! Looking forward to it!
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