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Best Posts in Thread: SkyBlock Open Beta Announcement

  1. Adrian

    Adrian Epic

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    SkyBlock Open Beta Announcement

    On Friday the 26th of March, the long-awaited game mode, SkyBlock will be opened to all for an open beta! SkyBlock is once again making a return to meep, better than ever! Here’s a look into it's gameplay and planned development…

    Island Features


    Players now have more control over their islands than ever before.
    • Island Creation: When creating an island players may choose from a selection of island types, each containing a different experience.

    • The Bank: Players can safely store money in the bank and share it with co-op members, without the risk of losing it to death.

    • Permissions & Settings: Manage just about every imaginable permission & setting in your island in the settings menu!

    • Co-op: Play with 3 other friends on your island to start, you can upgrade your island to allow for more friends (see below).

    • Missions & Challenges: Complete missions & challenges, both as a player or as an island to win money, EXP, and other various cool rewards!

    • Upgrades: Upgrade your island as you go to unlock more member slots, grow crops faster, increase your spawner boost, and your generator among other things.
    • Leaderboards: See how you rank among other Meepers in various categories, at the end of the month the top islands will get various rewards!
    Economy & Gameplay


    Skyblock’s economy will be totally separate & different from towny’s economy, with unique gameplay!

    • ✦ Skills: Level up skills to increase your stats such as mana, HP, and toughness. You can unlock special abilities to assist you in everyday tasks. Additionally, upon leveling up you will be rewarded with money!
    • Auction House: Sell any and all items you want here, you have the ability to customize all aspects of your auction, do keep in mind that there is a tax!

    • Admin Shop: Trade with the admin shop to sell/buy certain items!

    • Trading: /trade with other players to barter items!
    • Dicing: Yes, you can fuel your gambling addiction and dice away from your life savings in Skyblock too!
    • Events: Every 8 hours there will be an event at the fishing pool where you can fish for rare items! Keep an eye out for broadcasts

    • Competitions: Staff will be hosting various competitions. Compete to win cool prizes!
    Planned Content
    We hope to provide consistent content updates over the coming months, here are some of the things we have planned:

    • Temples: Embark on quests, fighting off mobs, and bosses to win rewards!

    • RankUp: It is planned that players will be able to unlock extra content by spending their in-game money.

    • Items: Craftable/Unlockable custom items that boost skills and increase player stats will be coming!

    • Voting & Crates: Voting & crates will be brought over to Skyblock as well!

    • Your Suggestions

    See you there!


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  2. Ace

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    Mid January 2020
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