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Best Posts in Thread: Update 10/03/2021

  1. andrewrobins

    andrewrobins My views are my own.

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    Hey Meep

    Just a little update and review !

    We have some exciting news to bring, and that is we are collaborating with the community and this week Mr 'I change my name every other week' LJ has brought us a new parkour map called 'Neverland!'. This map comes complete with a dropper style format!

    The parkour will be placed in the 'Easy' category and will come with a 7,000 Meeble prize!
    The map is now active and ready to play straight away!



    Thank you Lj for a smashing submission. @LJJJJJJJ

    If anyone would like to partake in making a parkour just send a schematic and we gladly have a look :)

    Last Sunday we hosted another Event, which proved hugely popular!

    The Event was called Buzz Trivia and was a multi choice quiz.

    I would like to thank the community and the Hosts DarkKnight49x and Iatemyfriends For running it so smoothly with Questions relating to periods of Meep history and questions that would boggle the minds of the worlds most intelligent.



    As always, please look out for our Events! we host them every Sunday!

    Do you have any Event ideas? We welcome you to submit your own Event ideas here!


    I would like to welcome DarkKnight49x, SaplingArcher to the moderation team and 0zblox and onceuponajano to the Arch team!. They all have done a magnificent job so far, and you can even see a sneaky peak of a few of their builds in our quick look video posted last week.


    We have looked through your suggestions and id like to announce what will be coming to Meep!. We look forward to updating you on these soon.
    :-Jobs Total Level

    If you have any suggestions please send them to us here!


    We will have news about this soon!
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2021