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Best Posts in Thread: Staff Application from 0zblox

  1. 0zblox

    0zblox Celebrity Meeper Staff Member Architect

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    0zblox (OliverH1 #9585)



    When did you join MeepCraft?
    From screenshots and memory: summertime. July 2012... ish.

    How many hours per day do you spend on MeepCraft? (average)
    Either 12 or 0. No in-between.

    References (IGNs):
    Splasho (Build linked)
    Istas_Sani (Build linked)
    TripsBee (Build linked)
    The town of Lemonville (1/3 Builds linked)
    MacAndCheekz (I made a bench)
    etc. Feel free to ask for some more, there are plenty.

    Hi, I'm notoriously crap at making applications and stuff so this is going to follow a more show than tell style writeup, I'll add text to my portfolio pictures in-turn. Anyhow, I'm 0zblox but you may call me Ollie if you wish. I will refrain from talking about Minecraft in this section and introduce myself personally. The bulk of my time actually revolves around aviation, whether it be studying for exams or flying, I flew my first solo years back now. Currently I hold a Private Liscense and several ratings / qualifications in a more advanced field. However recent lockdowns/restrictions have stopped any progress for the forseable future, which is probably why you've seen me more active for the last few months and will see for the next bunch. I own dog, he's cute and I work intermittently as a chef, in a cafe/restaurant place, inbetween training.

    I don't happen to get many videos whilst flying but I took a go-pro out during summer when restrictions were eased (hence the ppe) so I'll attatch a short clip of that for those interested. :)

    Have you ever held a staff position on MeepCraft or another server? If yes, please describe your experience. If no, please explain why you are interested in a position on MeepCraft.

    Which staff position(s) are you applying for / interested in? Please select all that apply.

    Why should you be considered for the above staff position(s)?
    Okay now I talk about Minecraft. I bought Minecraft essentially as it came out, about 10 years ago, choosing and keeping the lovely IGN my brother suggested. (Oz cause short for Oliver I think and blox because blocks was taken.) I joined Meepcraft In summertime 2012 and have played it most years ever since. One thing that separated Meepcraft from other servers straight away was the community. I fail to believe that many other servers at all host a similarly amazing group of people. This is why I've stayed around for so long. I owe a great deal to this server in terms of the thousands of hours of good fun and the great people I've spoken to over the years. I have held an Architect position before but I did a stupid thing which I wont go into detail here but you are more than welcome to see the appeal I made. I was stupid, but now I am less stupid. I would entirely like to give something back to the server. I see the enjoyment people get from using the gamemodes and maps provided by the staff team and would like to contribute. The strong sense of achievement when players enjoy the content you create is great. I'd like to work with other builders as well as independently and I feel like the reward of other players enjoying the published builds you create would keep me motivated during larger projects.
    I've collected 15/20 screenshots from a huge collection to show you, separated into my builds released to players, older builds that I like, and what I've been up to recently.
    Screenshots 1-5 show the maps that I've created that have been released to players.
    Screenshots 6-10 are builds I've completed in the past which I think show a couple of different skills.
    Screenshots 11-16 are a small sample of what I've been up to within the last month alone, mostly for players on the server.
    I've been trying to build a more respectable community reputation and hopefully people can see that.

    What are your weaknesses?
    I feel like I revolve around some distinct styles. I've been much more open however with recent builds and I feel like this role could allow me to continue trying to move away from my comfortable styles.

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:
    Lmk if the google drive thing doesn't work.

    Linked Portfolio:

    Upload Portfolio: