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Best Posts in Thread: Moderator Application from bbycakes2012

  1. bbycakes2012

    bbycakes2012 Half baby, Half cake

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    Member Name bbycakes2012

    Additional In Game Names: albertycakes

    How old are you? 19

    Location: Georgia

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekdays) 3-4

    How many hours per day do you play MeepCraft? (weekends) 3-4

    Introduction: Hello! Many of you know me! My name is bbycakes! I live in georgia & I have been playing meepcraft for a year now and i absolutely love it! I own a town in beta called gotham & Ive been a staff member for a total of 7 months (not straight heh) and I love it sooo much! heh :) I'm currently not in school but I will be starting college in the fall. Im not 100% sure what school I'm going to but more then likely i will be attending school in missouri! I have a boyfriend for 3 years now, (you can thank him for introducing me to MC & meepcraft heh) and he is in the Marines & will soon attend basic training in may.

    Why you should be Mod? The "why" is always the most important part of any application and also the hardest part to explain.
    I believe someone shouldn't apply for a position like this if they don't think they deserve it or are not 110% sure they are ready...
    I believe I deserve the Moderator title & position because in my position as a helper I have always tried my hardest to work efficiently and always put "work before play". I have also gone above what I'm supposed to be doing & recently started working on some higher up things like report a players, commenting on a few ban appeals that I can work on & do, etc.
    As most of you know I have been a moderator before for about a month or two. I never got really "settled" in or comfortable with my position because I was scared I would mess up or something. Now I'm more confident in my work & trust my instinct with doing something and if I mess up I know its going to be alright because everyone messes up every once in a while. Even staff do. Were not perfect robots. heehee :p
    Since meepcrafts player count has greatly increased I feel the need to step up and help with "higher-up" things. Like be able to ban & approve kit pvp hackers, work on all the player reports, ban appeals, be able to help the community out with more permission & commands to get my modreqs done faster & more efficiently.

    What are your weaknesses? I usually can't play 3/7 Days of the week due to work. I go to work at 3pm-10pm so I don't like to get on meep to make sure I don't wind up late or something hehe. xD

    I will be out of town in march/april a bit for vacation & college stuff :p

    I'm 'slower" at completing things most of the time because I want it done right & a 100% not just a 50% effort (if that makes sense?). So my modreq count is lower than mosts ATM due to these things, but i still believe in
    Quality > Quantity

    I'm still learning all the hacks & what the look like & how to catch them all so it will take me a bit to be 100% confident to identify hacks & ban them etc :)

    Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: I know this application is shorter then my helper or previous moderator application (if you don't know what I mean it was a BOOK) If you think i still need to work on some things PLEASE let me know. The community sees staffs every move & mistake a lot of times even if we don't see them!
    thank you for reading guys!
  2. Quaddy

    Quaddy Retired | SuperDuperMegaTrooper

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    Accepted for interview.
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  3. Owen Powell

    Owen Powell Popular Meeper

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    +1, I'm not on in game very often, so I can't say much about your activity. With that being said, I still have had some experiences with you, which were mostly good. You're very qualified, you know what you're doing, and you treat the community very well.
    And I'm afraid if I say anything bad, you'll slap me.