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Best Posts in Thread: Helper Application from DarkWarriorX5

  1. Cyber_Punk_

    Cyber_Punk_ Optimist Punk

    Likes Received:
    -1. gyazo.com/968260a83d2de296a85f7a3e42cd0339 - replies like this on important forum threads such as staff applications prove to show you're immature. gyazo.com/bd6e82a2e18036ea4cbf4eb70532d1b4 - another immature post on a staff application. Your arguing on the thread shows that you are unable to handle negative feedback and you tend to get very defensive which is not at all good. I think you should give yourself time to mature and prove to the community that you can improve. I do not think you are ready for helper, your immaturity proves to be a issue. You have potential, however, I do not believe that you have showed your true potential to the community.

    Overall, I do not think you currently have what it takes to handle the responsibilities of being staff. Give yourself time and you could "find" yourself. all you need to do is mature and prove you are responsible which is not apparent at this time.

    ~ Cyber_Punk_