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Denied Best Posts in Thread: RuSiaN_PeDoBeaR Forum and In-game appeal

  1. RuSiaN_PeDoBeaRAppeal

    RuSiaN_PeDoBeaRAppeal Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN (In-Game Name): RuSiaN_PeDoBeaR (IG and Forums)
    When you were banned: I do not know exactly, some months ago.
    Reason: "Do not appeal" and "spam"
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff Member: bluecarnal, something along those lines.

    Why we should consider your appeal:

    Hello, recently the previous owner of this account sold RuSiaN_PeDoBeaR to me, his friend. I would like to return to this server once again(I have been on this server a long long time ago, with factions etc). I'd like to get to know the community and become an active player who could contribute to this amazing community.

    The only way I can prove to you that I am not the previous owner, is us having a different IP. The previous owner is not able to acces this account, and I will change the password of the forums account as soon as it is unbanned. I'd also like to appologize for the actions of the previous owner of this account.

    I hope you consider this appeal, I appologise for my bad English. Please let me know if you need any other info.
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    Ill be away next week so when(if?) you respond, I will not be able to reply for a week probably.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014
  2. DevilSpawn112

    DevilSpawn112 The Sass Master

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    The account has a ridiculous amount of bans under it. Ones including, but not limited to: Mass luring (hurt 30+people), Sexual content, language, and other instances of repetitively broken rules. The account name itself is quite disturbing and what the previous owner is known for makes it all the worse. There was a book made and used in an effect to try to sneak the sexual content and nasty humor under the staff's moderation, but time and time again, it was brought to our attention. Moving past in-game, we have forums, which contains a number of offenses as well. This includes the "going out with a bang" post of a ridiculous amount of Sexual content (porn post), a photo of the decapitation of a US citizen be ISIS, along with other sensitive and inappropriate images. The thought of this account even still existing makes me cringe.

    The account comes with the ban history. New owner or not.
    This appeal is denied.