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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Ban Appeal

  1. MBR5000

    MBR5000 Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IG name: MBR5000
    When: (April 29 2014) or (april 30 2014)
    reason: Duping
    By who: Sjoeppappentrap

    When I got banned I was not conscious that duping was bannable and this was my first offence of getting banned/muted or kicked from the server. Also if this ban appeal gets accepted then I would like for all my meebles to be removed that I got from duping so I start off with 0. I was also a donator on the server but if I get unbanned if possible ( kee word if I get unbanned) could I keep my rank if not I understand

    - sorry about my grammar English is my 3rd language