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Best Posts in Thread: Recovering Lost Towns

  1. leodavinci9000

    leodavinci9000 Popular Meeper

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    Are you a mayor and forgot to keep the town bank updated to keep up with the upkeep? Did you get temp-banned and had no idea your town was in crisis and fell into ruin? Now that the wild doesn't regenerate when towns fall into ruins, you can reclaim your town (given that it wasn't completely raided.)

    1: Access your logs folder (Ask if you don't know how)

    2: Find one on a date where you claimed a plot from the wild, claimed a plot for sale, or set a plot for sale.

    3: It should say the coords (Like "leodavinci9000 set (1046, -391) for sale!") Write down the coords and get there.

    4: Set a home there until you have enough money to re-create your town (preferably 350k: 300k to start the town and 50k for the town bank)

    Thanks for reading, and tell me if I need to clarify something or missed something.