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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: How It Affects Other People, Manutdftw11

  1. ManUtdFTW11

    ManUtdFTW11 Celebrity Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN (In-Game Name):ManUtdFTW11
    When you were banned:1-2 months ago? Sorry I dont remember.
    Ban Length:perm
    Staff Member:Chaos546
    Why we should consider your appeal:
    Well, I got banned from meep 1-2months ago, Yes some of you think it's not long but it is, for something you love so much and for you to be banned is just dreadful. I care about meep lots, even more then my nachos i'm eating now and just wished i was unbanned. What I did wasn't good, not good at all, I wish for another chance, and yes I have had many. I just want to get back to my friends and enjoy playing meepcraft.

    Even if I am not banned, I hope everyone on meep has a great time, and I hope to see you soon!

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