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Best Posts in Thread: Rosscoombs' Helper Application!

  1. RossCoombs

    RossCoombs Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name: RossCoombs

    Skype (Yes/No): Yes!

    Teamspeak Username: RossCoombs

    Mic use: Yes!

    Age: 15!

    Timezone: BST at the moment.

    Hours online per weekday: Anything from 2 hours to 5 or more, depending on what's happening.

    Hours online per weekend: Anything from over 4 hours really, again depending on what's happening.

    Position Changes: Noob(Citizen) - Helper


    Well hello there! Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but I'm Ross! I joined MeepCraft in October 2012, and immediately fell in love with the server. I won’t go into too much detail of the towns I joined and the people I met, but there really have been some great members on MeepCraft!

    Sometime in July 2013 I applied for staff, just after we were rescued from CG… I was accepted for Helper and eventually worked my way up to Moderator. Around 6 months after I joined the staff team, school got harder and I had way less time to spend on MeepCraft. I ended up leaving the Staff team due to inactivity and kind of lost interest on Meepcraft. But fear not! I came back… I don’t think I ever truly left Meep during this stage, but I definitely was much less active than before. And that brings us to now, where I have picked up activity dramatically in my opinion, and started to get back into the community.

    Why you should be Helper?

    Experience: As I had previously been a Moderator on meepcraft, I feel I have the experience and knowledge of the staff team to be able to successfully complete the role of the helper – to help! Although things could’ve changed on the staff team during my time away, to my knowledge the staff team use the same or similar plugins to do their job, so with previous experience using those commands it will be an easy job to get back into the flow and settle into the team.

    Knowledge: With nearly 2 years on MeepCraft, I have gotten to know the server very well. Donator perks, Towny Commands, General Commands and other General Knowledge have worked their way very well into my memory, meaning I can help people in most situations very easily without having to look up the information.

    Unbiased: I am not biased towards any views. Whenever any evidence is given to me, I would always happily look at the opposing views to decide what I would believe to be correct. I will not side with anyone unless sufficient evidence is provided, and even if there is plenty of evidence it must be thorough!

    Maturity: I believe I am quite mature, although you see me often joking around in shout (not that I’m really funny), when it comes down to the serious stuff, then I will act in an appropriate manner. When you have a staff team full of completely immature members, it just gets out of hand, but on the other side – when you have a staff team full of extremely strict members the job can get boring, very… very easily! I believe I have a good balance between both acting mature and having a laugh!


    Confidence: Personally I do not believe this is going to affect my role as a helper at all, but I do have a few issues with confidence that I am working on. For example, talking in front of large numbers of people is extremely daunting for me, as is leading a group, even of people that I know. I am working to get my confidence up to a stage I can talk comfortably in front of people I do not know, though, to make interviews for jobs and especially joining the RAF much easier. Public speaking or speaking in front of audiences can be very important in the RAF when possibly teaching new recruits for example. Plenty of other uses can come from improving confidence so it is definitely something I strive to improve.

    Forum & Teamspeak activity: At the moment, I’m not too active on either TeamSpeak or the forums. I’m currently trying to boost that activity however, to get it to a good level. I do check the forums multiple times per day, but I don’t really post all that much. As for teamspeak, I’ve only just gotten back into it and I am spending a lot more time on there.​


    I believe I would be an appropriate choice for the staff team for the following reasons:

    Experience: I am experienced in the staff team of MeepCraft already, having already been staff for 6 months , overall achieving the rank of Moderator.

    Unbiased: I’m unbiased, I don’t take sides unless I’m given the right evidence!

    Maturity: I can be mature, adopting a serious personality when needs be, with a nice balance between getting work done and having a laugh.​

    And importantly, the points I can improve:

    My confidence: It may not really affect the role of Helper, but I do have low confidence for talking to other people and leading groups.

    Forum & Teamspeak Activity: I’m not too active on either of the two, however this is definitely improving and my activity on these will return to how they were back when I was staff before.​
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  2. abbythrowsstuff

    abbythrowsstuff Celebrity Meeper

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    His name is ross, ross is a mature name, therefore this player is mature. <- Thats my reason.
  3. Cooleysworld

    Cooleysworld Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    Accepted for interview