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Accepted 2nd Ban Appeal.

Discussion in 'Ban and Mute Appeals Archive' started by Voltikenzi, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. Voltikenzi

    Voltikenzi Popular Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): Voltikenzi
    Date/Time: 4/22/2014
    Reason: xray
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff Member: Oroperion

    Why we should consider your appeal: I have learned my lesson, i decided to take a longer wait till i posted a 2nd appeal then specified as well, (2 weeks) i don't plan to play a whole lot on this server or meepcraft in general but it would be nice to be a part of the community, i am sorry for my actions, if my invo has not been whipped then go ahead. i will be happy for any form of punishment to take place against my account on this server, would like to throw out that i have an alt named "Benzusi" idk if he has been banned or not because i did log on it the day i was banned not knowingly i was banned till Denien told me that i was banned and i should get off and post an appeal. I am announcing this as showing that i am an honest being. I admit to using chest finder "a form of xray", regardless if someone else had installed it or not, i should hold complete responsibility for all my actions as this is my account and each and every account is held accountable for any action taken by that account regardless of any situation.

    I am deeply sorry.
  2. LexKristen

    LexKristen Celebrity Meeper

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    Accepted.. do not do this again please and do not make me regret this decision.
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