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Denied Best Posts in Thread: Dduck220 Ban Appeal

  1. Flamedemond

    Flamedemond Celebrity Meeper

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    Listen. I'm the one who killed him and I know that for a fact. When I jumped in, I had no kills. When I killed you, I had 2 kills, which means I killed someone else in that time and when I jumped in for the diamond guy, I killed him, getting me 1 kill, then I chased you to kill you for that armour and then I killed you, which gave me 2 kills. Also, if he was 2 hits left, why'd it take me 3 hits with my god sword to kill him?

    I don't care if you'll never do it again. You did it this time, I said multiple times to stop, I said my brother was watching and was gonna ban you and you didn't care, or in your exact words "i dont give a s***" so why would you care now.

    Also, if you play on the server everyday, you should know the rules well enough to know not to swear at all.

    Lastly, it's a game. Since you completely overreacted over a game, you should take a break from it, and trust me, you really need it. If this makes you swear constantly and then rage at me then be like "he just wanted me banned cause i was wrecking him in pvp" then honestly, you shouldn't play it.

    I'll upload the pictures for staffs sake so that they don't need to look through h/e:



    Honestly dduck, if I saw you cursing anyone out like that, and harassing them "u 2 year old" "u loser" "u b****" and so on, I would think it deserves perm.

    There's 2 rules you just broke. You're lucky it's not perm, and as my brother said, you overreacting is an understatement. You did much more then "overreacted". Think of it this way: If you aren't comfortable with your parents seeing it, don't say it. It won't apply in all cases, but this. If they had to see it, what do you think they'd do?
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2014