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Best Posts in Thread: How To Make Mooblez Like Spawsho

  1. Splasho

    Splasho Celebrity Meeper

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    1. Beg 0-0 Meebles per hour can cause ban if spam to much

    The Art of Begging.
    To beg all you need to is how to use basic commands like /msg and /g Type in 'Give me 1mil naow Im a pretty girl i will be ur gf'

    2.Enchanting 50k-200k Per Hour
    Buy 9 Swords spread em all over your hot bar and also 27 books go to a good blaze grinder like /pwarp grinderpark. Once you are there go over to the blaze grinder which is on the top left of /pwarp grinderpark spawn. get to level 30 over and over again until all books are enchanted. Then you need to check your book enchants and find out what you want to make god (this is what I do.) then you buy the required items for the god. Go back do a bit more grinding then add the enchants the armour/tool.

    3. The only well rewarding minigame. Usually 15k-105k Per hour
    Team with all ze donors and be ze biggest noob and win 15k

    4. Head collecting 10k-100k Per Hour
    Head Collecting
    Just simply go somewhere with mobs and keep on killing them viciously and quickly (Using a looting III sword will help a lot) Dont get the worthless ones like skeleton,blaze, and zombie.

    Mk im done now bai (This is how I make my money.)
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