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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Ban Appeal

  1. galacticuskrazy

    galacticuskrazy New Meeper

    Likes Received:
    IGN: galacticuskrazy
    When I was banned: One month
    Reason: hack client
    ban length: permanently
    Staff Member: slicknsly
    Why should you consider my appeal: I wasn't thinking properly when I made the stupid decision of using cheatingessentials mod. I will be honest I regret using this mod. I have reflected upon the consequences of using this mod and concluded that in no way is it worth it to use hacks. I was a cheater and a hypocrite for using such a game ruining mod and I solemnly swear that from on now I will only use the optifine mod. Thanks so much for your time and even if I don't get unbanned I appreciate this learning experience you have given me the chance to experience.
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