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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: The Infamous Ban Appeal Of The Nerf Gun.

  1. Deinen

    Deinen S'all Good Man

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    Dude, this is not the only time you've dragged people into skype for the intent of bashing/demeaning MeepCraft. Remember when Cooley permed you for dragging people into skype for a server you were admin on? Or you coming into our TS to ask questions about your server? You're a constant problem, every time you don't get your way you throw a fit, you're rude, and belligerent.

    You are not a positive contribution to the server, or the community as a whole, and I think MeepCraft needs you far less than you need it. If let back in, you'll fine another issue with something random, begin throwing fits in the game and on forums and demanding things be done this way or that way. I know this because this is how you've always been, in my experience, even last year you were exactly the same way.

    I think people like this have done more to kill MeepCraft than anything else, it drives actual players away when having to deal with such a negative portion of the community, it turns everything to some drama, rather than simple 16 bit graphical fun.

    I don't think you should be unbanned, because you won't change. I think you should be banned from your little giftcode scamming stunt still, you're just trouble, imo.
  2. Nerf958

    Nerf958 Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN: Nerf958
    Time: 1-2 months?
    Staff: Onis
    Reason: Something about having to participate in a Skype chat about how bad the server was getting.
    Why I should be unbanned: Well, lets start off with this. Everything that was in that skype chat was either meant to be there or unintentional. I would like to say I apologize for my actions on what I did say within that chat. I hope I can join the server soon to see my friends and old friends.

  3. Sirrr_Pig

    Sirrr_Pig Bacon

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    seeing as the other cases were resolved yours can be too. Hopefully this doesnt happen again,. unbanned