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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Um

  1. n00bslayer_99

    n00bslayer_99 i like kebab

    Likes Received:
    IGN (In-Game Name): n00bslayer_99
    When you were banned: no idea, just discovered
    Reason: appeal on forums see cooley
    Ban Length: perm
    Staff Member: cooleysworld
    Why we should consider your appeal:
    I have read master cod's appeal, and know what this is. I supposedly joined a 'group' that was there to get people banned. I was involved for about 10 minutes when master cod asked me if I wanted 200k to do a job, and I asked what the job was. He started talking about getting people banned, and framing them for towny grief, etc. I never agreed to doing anything bad, and told him that should any job that is not bad come up I would consider it. I admit that I wasn't looking to report him, as he might have had legal jobs for me. I honestly think, as I haven't broken any rules, that this is an unfair ban. Could staff plz let cooley know I would like to speak to him in a convo??

    [EDIT:] Spelling
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