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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Stuartbros's Ban Appeal

  1. 1995 NolanStuart

    1995 NolanStuart Well-Known Meeper

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    About March 10th
    Starting off, I am terribly sorry. Making the decision to X-ray was a REALLY bad one. Anyone else with Surpreme would know. for some reason I DIDN'T. Now I know. I had a town and almost 1 mill, i was one of the richest people. My town i thought was going to die until i contacted my assistant wich really helped me pull some weight off my shoulders. i got really addicted. Also i believe this is my first time being banned/kicked the only time I was kicked was from fuzzlr messing around with me. Thanks
    Also some of my friends got banned from alt im not sure if they were unbanned already but if not please unban them.
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