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Best Posts in Thread: Fatunicornzz Helper App

  1. FatUnicornzz

    FatUnicornzz Popular Meeper

    Likes Received:
    In Game Name: FatUnicornzz
    Skype Username: Idek
    Teamspeak Username: Idek
    Mic use: Depends on if I feel like plugging it in.
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Milky Way
    Hours online per weekday: Maybe 30-40(Minutes)
    Hours online per weekend: Maybe 30-40(Minutes)
    Position Changes: Super Cool Regular to A noob helper

    Introduction: Sup. You all know me. That is a fact. Wether you know me for good or not, you still darn know me. Im 14 years old and I have been a member of Meepcraft for over 1 year. Now, I want you to tell me if this is serious or not. If you have read this or skipped to the comments to scream at me for even posting this, not any more is expected! Anyway, its me, I'm back, I'm posting this. You tell me if its serious.

    Why you should be Mod?

    Well, I'm a pretty rocking active member of meepcraft. Other than GMod I play this like all week. Im in the shadows, helping people. Wether they need help with building, tacos, or anything I'm like perfect for it. Some would even say I'm a great admin! Plus, I can be trusted pretty well. I've been OP'd before! Atleast until I disguised at Notch and played with people at spawn. Yeah we don't really think on that anymore! Anyway Fuzzlr and I are bros and if your still reading this why. Fuzzlr and I like, we built together, and we like just... We bros.

    Weaknesses: I have some problems. For one, I'm REALLY fat. Just look at my profile pic! This makes it hard to get around to help a lot of people. And the modreqs... they're so far. Also I tend to rage at anyone who eats my food or even takes 1 of my dirt. I also tend to yell at people for no reason. Like this kid in my class today screamed and ran out of the classroom because someone pranked him with a fake spider. That kid was me.


    You all know I'm the best person here for helper, maybe even admin. Did I tell you once that Fuzzlr was considering handing the server over to me? Yah, you guys would've been so lucky. The fact that I'm 14 was a deal breaker.

    So, you want this server to be 100x better? HIRE ME I AM THE AMAZING. Ik, ik. You can't even wait. Why don't I save you the trouble and hire myself??