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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Qaws' Ban Appeal

  1. qawsedrf1835

    qawsedrf1835 Guest

    IGN (In-Game Name): qawsedrf1835/alvarezbobby9
    Date/Time: approx. 2450 3/30/2014
    Reason: Initiated PayPal chargeback on delivered goods
    Ban Length: Perm
    Staff Member: Console
    Why we should consider your appeal: Here we go.
    Recently, a rank was bought for me by @Ghetto_kiwi, VIP-Premium. I have NO solid evidence because I was given it without charge. There may be convo. logs in our skyblock. At some point he did /shout confirmation that he bought it for me.

    What I can do however, is try to explain why one would do this. He was ranked a citizen 2 weeks ago, and he bought all the way up to Supreme. He bought me a rank and @blackphantom2216 a rank.
    He was recently banned for "illegal mod use" or something along that line. If I spent $100+ plus and got banned, (which has happened) I would want my money back as well. I was friendly with him, and if he does show up again, will continue to be friendly with him. I can understand why someone would do this.
    Unfortunately though, I was a part of it.

    Due to my lack of proof, I must sum up with this.
    I am not asking for any exceptions to the rules regarding "paying back" the server, but I would like you all to consider the amount of time I have spent on here, building up my reputation, spending money on others (Keep in mind, I was a "Certified Rank Seller" at one point), and overall, enjoying this server in times of stress and hardships.

    Also, I came on with my alt/brother's account afterwards. Please do not add on to my already infinite sentence because of this. I explained my predicament to a friend and then immediately asked @shainthewolfman to ban that account, as to not create temptation for myself.

    Thank you for considering my appeal.
    I hope this does not dampen your view of me as a person/player.

  2. PhoenixPuppy

    PhoenixPuppy Celebrity Meeper

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  3. qawsedrf1835

    qawsedrf1835 Guest

    Here's the thing. At the point of me becoming a "supreme", he was already elite. That AND he just kind of did it. I didn't really "accept", because I was awaiting that my app would be accepted for @Cooleysworld's VIP-Prem giveaway.
    I was waiting for me to be chosen or not, and had to cancel my app because it was attained impromptu.

    And when you say "proof of earlier rank, do you mean like a screenshot of me as a VIP?

  4. qawsedrf1835

    qawsedrf1835 Guest

    I SENT
    my money, I guess now I just have to await confirmation from higher in the chain of command?
    Edit: Would you like my receipt oh one of extraordinary mercy?
  5. Klitch


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    Sorry for posting here, but I'll buy you out of your ban. Someone tell me how.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 31, 2014, Original Post Date: Mar 31, 2014 ---
    Add-on to this: I'm getting a visa gift card tonight for 30$. If it just so happens that I don't, I cannot buy you out. If I get it, I will but you out.
  6. Jwarian

    Jwarian Celebrity Meeper

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    There is a 20 dollar reinstatement fee with all accounts banned for chargeback. If you can pay this reinstatement fee and can reproduce proof of your prior rank before this all happened it will increase your chances of being unbanned, I hate to see things like this happen, I know this procedure all to well. Your case will require the attention of either fuzzlror Onis_Luck but it won't be forwarded until those prior two conditions are met. I wish you luck and I'm sorry this happened. If/When you are unbanned I HIGHLY suggest never accepting candy from strangers ranks from unknown sources, or when they are not a donator themselves.
    (The reinstatement fee is to cover the costs that fuzzlr and the server had to cover when the money was taken back)
    You can try to start a conversation with either of those players via pm on here but please understand that they are very busy and may not be able to respond right away or at all, I will leave this appeal open.