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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: My Ban Appeal

  1. HazTheMan99

    HazTheMan99 Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): HazTheMan99
    Date/Time: 22:12PM UTC/GMT UK time
    Reason: Money Exploit
    Ban Length: Perm appeal
    Staff Member: DianaB72
    Why we should consider your appeal:
    First off, i understand and accept the seriousness of this ban, and i can't tell you how sorry i am and i really truly mean this. What i did was wrong and honestly it was mostly down to peer pressure. My brother (age 11) logged on my account at my grandmas house at 3:30pm-ish earlier today and he asked if he could go on my account, so i said no because i had a vision of something like this happening but my grandparents said my morals were mean and let him go on my account and forced me to give the password to him. I was pretty mad because i had an epiphany of some mild rule breaking such as swearing or pvp toggling so after i came out the toilet I went to check up on what he was doing and found him fooling around in the event Olympics world so i immediately asked what he was doing and it turns out he abused the new meepshop to buy an ender pearl and travel across to the admin area of the PvP arena and it had a fly sign which i thought was pretty cool and harmless. I did not think this issued a ban but then we spotted the kit signs and he pressed it once and enchanted all the stuff and wore it. I then wanted to fool around with fly and we fought over the laptop and he caught the sign again and realized he could get more than one. Then i said as a joke lets sell them on shout for 3k each and he said 'no i have a better idea' then did /sellall which i thought was pretty cool and i had a go once then he said we can get richer than hornemans and proceeded to abuse the sign. He gave me a really annoying argument about how he would tell grandad that I'm not sharing (sounds childish but its true) and i said fine ill do it only if you shut up.
    I abused the sign. I cannot deny this. I cannot blame this on anyone else but myself
    When i told my mum about this she said she would buy me a new account but i told her it would be a waste because i would get banned for ban evading so instead she has 'banned' my brother from touching my account ever again.

    I understand that my account is my responsibility and i am going to cliche on this and say:
    I love playing meep, it makes up for 8 hours of every week day of my life since September last year. I have made so many friends through this server and its a real shame for it to be all gone now, i should have just said no to him, that would have been easier than having to face the shame of being permanently banned. I have created my most favourite minecraft builds on this server and quite frankly this is the only server i play on. I know i have no way of proving this story to be true and i fully accept that you can criticise the loopholes it may look to have but out of my soul i have wrote this. I am trying to my limits to show the self-condemnatory i am feeling about this situation
    Im not going to beg to be unbanned completely I'm simply giving you my story; this is just a sincere apology from the deepest regions of my heart.
    I am melted to my core at what has gone on today,
  2. Coelho

    Coelho Onis_Luck Elder

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    Balance set to $5000. You are unbanned.
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