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Accepted Best Posts in Thread: Sarge's Ban Appeal

  1. DianaB72

    DianaB72 Celebrity Meeper Elder

    Likes Received:
    I'm so glad you filed an appeal. Accepted!!
  2. Sarge926

    Sarge926 Celebrity Meeper

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    IGN (In-Game Name): Sarge926
    Date/Time: Few months back
    Reason: Duping
    Ban Length: Ban Hammered (Perm)
    Staff Member: Don't remember, sorry
    Why we should consider your appeal
    : Many people say to make the ban appeal short and sweet, but this isn't going to be that short, so here's a 5 paragraph essay:p.

    Many people get banned on this server for numerous reasons. The ban appeals fill up on the forum. Many of them get accepted, and many get denied. People get banned for things like scamming, xraying, modding clients, duping, and countless more. The community and staff will ask "Why would you do this?" and "Why should we give you a second chance?" I will be providing those answers for my own good today.

    So why did I attempt to dupe? To throw it straight at you, I don't actually know. With my gold farm, my nation, and my town public shop, I would of been fine. I guess that I was just not thinking straight and careless. I thought that what I already had was not enough. I wish I would just time travel back to that time where I had all my trust, friends, and people that stood up for me.

    Moving on, why should my appeal be considered? I have countless reasons to provide. Starting from the beginning, I joined Meepcraft on September. I was on for a couple hours, and then went inactive for a couple of months until November, and my account got wiped for inactivity. This time, I stayed for over a year until I got banned. In that time period, I helped many people, people had my trust, and it was a great time. I contributed and took part in the community of Meep, and that's how my name got out there. Many people know me to this day, and some still trust me.

    Next, many people get banned many times, and appeal even more; They have received many chances. I have never filed an appeal until this day, feeling ashamed of my actions. I feel that it would just seem fair if I was given a second shot at the game. This time, I'm not going to the third strike. I guess it's just the whole "Second Chance" thing. The community just has to still have belief in me and still trust me. Hopefully.

    Overall, my appeal should be considered. With my seniority on this server, people know who I actually am. This time I will play on Meepcraft without carelessness and thoughtlessness. It will be fun and would bring back memories with my old Meepcraft friends that still remember me. I would like to see how this server has changed since I have left. I will start being active again, and the community and I will have great times.

    Thanks for reading and considering