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Best Posts in Thread: HazTheMan99's Staff Application: Helper

  1. chaos546

    chaos546 Canadian Forums Stalker

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    I think this pretty much sums up most of what I could've said. However, I'll add a little more onto it.

    Like Theren, I honestly haven't seen much improvement. Here's a quote of what I said on your previous application:
    - I've actually seen you an okay amount in game, although never really helping out. Please try to work hard to generally be a friendly, mature, and helpful asset to the community and it's conversation. If you are feeling immature, maybe take a breather from chatting.

    - While you sometimes post where I count, your posts are not always constructive and you post most in Discussion, which rarely has anything to do with being contributive.

    - Your application was an alright length. It was actually fairly large. However, length isn't everything. More on this farther down.

    - You still tend to be fairly immature, from what I've seen. I have seen some improvement in this area, however, and I really hope to see more.

    - Now. While your application is probably one of the larger ones I've seen in a while, it doesn't excuse the fact that most of it is about either what you think a Helper does or how greatly you will improve the server. This honestly seems way too overconfident. While the point of an application is to describe your qualities, you went a little too far. It makes you seem full of yourself and generally egotistical.

    I'm going to point out specific examples in the application that bother me a lot.

    Ignoring the fact that you obviously have no idea what the introduction is meant for, you also seem to completely misunderstand the 'controls of a Helper rank'. You can strive for peace and serve the community as a citizen; this sentence makes it seem like you just want the rank.
    If you were fit for this position, you would know that owning or moderating another server while being staff here is not allowed. These sentences could have compromised your entire application.

    Now that I'm finished with the Introduction, I'll explain what an Introduction is meant to be; simply a way for us to get to know you. There should be little to no mentions of Meepcraft, as anything about Meepcraft that you deem important enough to go in your application should be in the Why.

    More staff doesn't necessarily mean a more friendly environment. Also, all staff members are supposed to uphold the rules, and it is not a race; meaning punishing 'allot' of people for their wrong doings is nothing out of the ordinary and shouldn't be sped through. There's not necessarily a tally of this.
    While we help out, I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I'm no different than you or any other player.
    This has never happened to me; if a Mod is needed, a Mod is gotten, without anyone needing to request one; no one has ever asked me to fetch one for them.
    This is completely incorrect. We are not allowed to skip over modreqs, and I doubt that any of us would without good reason to if we were allowed. Not to mention that no one just looks at the numbers. I can promise you that no staff member gives any less harsh punishment so that they don't have to log it. Please do not assume things like this.
    Age has little to do with maturity; you can only feel more mature if you act more mature.
    Helper does not include as much 'forum work' as you seem to assume; we just enjoy being friendly with the community. You should improve your activity before, not after, you are accepted.

    All in all, I have to say a -1. I really don't think you are close to this rank at all, and you obviously have assumed a lot about what it entails, which offends me. You seem to think you know everything about being a Helper, which makes you look overconfident, as mentioned above. I very much dislike most of your application for this reason.

    EDIT: Apologies if I seem rude or mean, I am always critical of applications, especially of those by people who have been immature in the past, and you really ruffled my fur the wrong way with a few of your comments. Cheers.
  2. adtheren

    adtheren Popular Meeper

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    "a little more"