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Best Posts in Thread: Tagswag33's Helper Application

  1. Tagswag33

    Tagswag33 Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name: Tagswag33

    Skype Username: staff message me.

    Teamspeak Username: Tagswag33

    Mic use: yes.

    Age: 14.

    Timezone: EST.

    Hours online per weekday: 4-8.

    Hours online per weekend: 3-7.

    Position Changes: Citizen to helper.

    Introduction:Hello! My names Cade, but just call me Tagswag33. I would like to introduce myself before my application. I love playing Minecraft, I play it almost all day, every day. I am homeschooled, leaving a lot of time for Minecraft. I love playing baseball. It’s definitely my number 1 favorite thing to do. I honestly like it more than playing here on Meep. I logged in last December to this server and it was the first server I ever joined. I didn’t get active till around March, I played from March till July. I “quit” when the server reset, but returned in October. Have been playing actively ever since. I love fishing, too. I fish a lot during the summer/fall with my friend, we would put in 5 hours + a day during the summer.

    Why you should be Helper?I have a lot of experience in the community. I feel that I would be fit to be a helper. I enjoy helping other players, even though it can cost me a lot of precious time. I don’t lose my temper easy. I feel that to be a helper you cannot have a short temper, as this will get you demoted for being rude to someone in need, or kicking someone for being “annoying”. I have been working on helping others a lot in the past few weeks. Even though sometimes it goes unseen, it is so very worth it. Here are the qualities I have that I think are required to be a helper.

    Honesty : I am always honest, I am too afraid of the people above me to deceive them. I never lie to the people I work with on Minecraft. I try to be honest as much as possible, even if that means losing a position. I have never had a good “poker face” so it is very easy to tell if I am telling a lie, I normally am very nervous about anything and overthink everything.

    Ingame-Activity : I am almost always online if I am not doing something with my family, friends, etc. Like I said in my introduction, I am online when most are in school. That being said, I am able to answer Modreqs and such when most helpers are not online. I play during the week more because I am homeschooled, when I get done with my school Meepcraft is the first place I go to. I feel very welcomed here and I also absolutely love the community.

    Maturity : I feel like I am very mature, I don’t do dumb things and act like an idiot like most kids my age. I never enjoy acting immature, but I can tend to get caught up doing dumb things with my friends. But on Minecraft I try to be as mature as possible. Another part of being mature is grammar, which is something I don’t feel I am lacking. I try to look professional, because “yes, please”. Looks a whole lot better than “ya plz”. So I feel I am mature enough to be a part of this great team.

    Weaknesses :Okay, let’s get this over with. I don’t want to write this part, no one does. But we must know each other’s weaknesses to build each other up. I can’t always talk on TS, as my parents aren’t a big fan of me talking to strange people on the internet. But they are warming up to it. I can tend to be over bold. Example: I might be arguing with someone, they prove me wrong in every way, I won’t admit I am wrong. I will continue to argue with them until someone just gives up. I know I need to work on this. The reason I do this is because I hate being wrong more than anything. I feel I can help people grow past their weaknesses as I grow past mine with them.

    Conclusion : So, let us look back at my application. I believe I am a good fit to join the great staff meepcraft has. I feel that if I am accepted, you will add another beneficial member to this great team. I am a team man, hopefully joining a group that has a lot of teamwork, even in their ups and downs. I hope you consider my application. If not, then I will continue to make my way up through this community. Thank you for your time, have a very nice day. And if you could, give me some tips I could improve on. :)

  2. DianaB72

    DianaB72 Celebrity Meeper Elder

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    Accepted for interview.