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Best Posts in Thread: MrHolllywoot - Helper - > Mod

  1. MrHollywoot

    MrHollywoot Popular Meeper

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    In Game Name: MrHollywoot
    Skype Username: the********isback
    Teamspeak Username: Hollywoot
    Mic use:Yes
    Hours online per weekday:4-6
    Hours online per weekend:4-10
    Position Changes: Helper to Mod

    Introduction: MrHollywoot reporting for Duty! Applying for mod after my short stent as helper (round 2). After my recent self destruction I am trying to low crawl my way back to were I feel I belong to bring the most to the community that I can. I love you guys even if you dont love me :)

    Why you should be Helper/Mod/Supermod ?
    I have been staff for quite some time now (without the 6 day break). My knowledge of Hawkeye is a vast well of useful and useless information.

    -Work ethic
    My background forces me to strive to complete my mission. I put everything into what I do and I always complete tasks I am given

    -Forum work
    Besides maybe one admin I am the most active staff member on the forums. This may not seem so with my overall message numbers but the work behind the curtain I do with the permissions iv been granted is among the most active.

    -In game work
    I place the community above my own needs. I go above and beyond on every modreq when it calls for it and always go into everything with a open mind to make sure the best thing happens for everyone

    -I listen
    I took ALOT of what everyone said to heart after the recent ..events.. My helper application had a lot of people giving me stuff they did not like/stuff to work on. 90% of that stuff I felt id try to work on and I have. I will continue to try and listen to peoples criticism towards me and push to be the best mod on meepcraft.

    -A natural leader
    I stand up for those who cannot. I always push that the community comes first and am willing to cross that line if I feel its needed. I have a nack for training new helpers and helping everyone regardless of rank.

    - Family
    With the holidays coming up I will have to place my family first when it comes to my free time. I know I will be taking a few days off coming up with the holidays due to travel ect.
    - Seem Harsh to others
    Most recently another staff member Oroperion and me got into it. My intentions were only to help but he took what I said as offensive and as a attack. However after a long private conversation between us I feel he understands me and I understand him. I think we are friends at this point.

    This tends to happen about once a month. Some people dont understand how blunt and forward I am and take it as a attack on them. My heart is always in the right place and I only want the best for everyone but you can see how this can come off as a bad thing.

    - Big head
    I act a bit arrogant sometimes and everyone knows it even myself. Its my way of being my own cheerleader and keeping my self positive but I do look like a fool sometimes doing it.

    I love this community. No mater who you are or what history we have I stand up for you when the time comes. My recent resignation was a complete mistake and I just want to get back were I was. The position of helper is great but the tools that I need and am used to start at the Mod level. The amount of work I do that requires a mod+ to close out the transaction is pretty large. That being said this will clear up time for other staff members and more overall will get done.

    - Hollywoot

    (Deinen for admin)
  2. shains

    shains never stop fighting

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    You know we're good friends and I know you'd make a great mod but here are some improvements I'd like you to make:
    1. Learn to work with people you dislike (I also have to work on this)
    2. Remember that people are above you and it sucks sometimes but you do have to listen to them
    3. Don't kick people with a snarky comment
    4. It's okay to have fun, but you can go too far (Not something to discuss in front of the community)
    5. Try working on helping other staff with your experience
    6. Remember you're a model for new staff
    7. Don't let your ego get in the way
    I'm still a +1, however. You always have the best interest of the server and the people who play on it. You have helped me on many occasions in staff work and in personal life. You are a great guy with an unorthodox way of doing things and I know you'll always be there when necessary.
  3. Nman830

    Nman830 Celebrity Meeper

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    Why would you resign and then get Helper back?
    I don't think you need Mod back.