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New Profile Posts

  1. dragon8877
    Ain't much, though if anyone wants to reach out, my discord is hidingrighthere
  2. whoisnate
    10 hunna years!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. evilalec555
  4. Toostenheimer
    might be mentally ill but i stay silly
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  5. Viperfan
    Viperfan Dinosaur_41
    last online 9 years ago :(
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  6. Akiratohiama
    Akiratohiama 2legacybball
    Wow, long time since I've seen anyone active on this forum.
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  7. Akiratohiama
    Oh wow, it's been over six years since I logged in last. I hope everyone who views this post has been well in life. Nostalgia hit hard today
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    2. Akiratohiama
      While these forums are not as active anymore, it is touching to see the memories that I had quite fun with in Middle school with! To those who read this, or even check out my profile in 2024, thanks for stopping by.
      Jan 5, 2024
    3. Akiratohiama
      I'm glad I had the chance to talk to you, even if it was through a Minecraft server over ten years ago.

      To those who still want to talk, you can always find me on instagram _olive_tiger , or discord. Olive.
      Jan 5, 2024
  8. Akiratohiama
    Akiratohiama Erebus45
    I hope you're doing well. I haven't logged in, in like 6 years haha.
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  9. 2legacybball
  10. 2legacybball
  11. 2legacybball
    2legacybball LR_Davius
    I graduated from fsu ;). Now i’m living in Boca Raton but have roots in central florida!
  12. evilalec555
  13. Daisybelle
  14. riri30
    Sweet Jesus, 9 years
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  15. Selchie
    Bork bork bork
  16. PixelPooter
    somehow i am not dead
  17. JonesSniper
    JonesSniper Istas_Sani
    Can't wait for you to come back! It has been so long
  18. evilalec555
    8 years Wow!
  19. Blyzzrd
  20. JonesSniper
    It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice!