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by qazini at 10:47 PM
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Garth waving goodbye to the departing cashiers who used to work at the bank

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

Server Updates
/warp bank
The bank has been removed. Players are now unable to sell and buy gold to and from the server.

Gold Signs
The spawn signs that give gold when clicked now give meebles.

/jobs browse
Typing /jobs will produce the same menu now as /jobs browse.

Mystic has received a slight buff.

MeepTimes Contests
In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a 25,000 prize (from the MeepTimes writers) for one lucky winner, who will be chosen by random number generator. To be entered, just reply to the thread with an answer! Winner will be paid with the release of the...
by CluelessKlutz at 3:10 AM
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"Spawn experiences the torture of Valentine's day" - @CluelessKlutz

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

Community/Server Events

Valentines Decorations
Meep tuned up its Valentine’s spirit with the holiday. Spawn was revamped to better fit the occasion, and the admins got a slight makeover!

Server-wide xp Boost
All players enjoyed a 1.5x xp boost for all jobs last weekend!

Server Updates
Discord got a slight revamp. A Media channel was added for posting media and general image content. A Media Channel role is required to post there,...
by CluelessKlutz at 4:38 AM
(701 Views / 7 Likes)
Greetings and salutations, here are the changes made over the past week or so.

  • Stone removed from vein miner.
  • Granite, diorite, and andesite have been added to vein miner.
  • Payout for ores have been buffed.

  • Buffed exp for mining endstone.

  • Crafting stained glass blocks now counts for artist.

  • Brewing has been fixed.

  • Maximum amount mined by digger slightly reduced.

All Jobs
  • VeinMiner perk now is actives by standing normally instead of crouching. Crouching will now act as a disable, as well as usage of /vm toggle. When reaching the proper level, VeinMiner will automatically be toggled off for you.
  • As tested last weekend, server wide job boosters have been successfully implemented. Further expansion on this will occur in the future.
by CluelessKlutz at 7:49 PM
(2,538 Views / 15 Likes)
After more than 2 years in continuous operation, the Meepcraft Bank will be closing its doors. This mean you will no longer be able to sell gold to the bank. Understandably, this is a large change and will not take immediate effect. The bank will continue in operation for another 2 weeks before closing. Sell your gold now!

- Meepcraft Administration Team
by qazini at 3:09 AM
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A few Meepers engaging in their own sports event

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

Server Updates
Vein Miner
Miner’s lvl 50 perk now includes stone, but does but does not include nether quartz ore.

Jobs Tools
The job tools have been added back to Wild and Spawn.

Towny Data
Towny data now saves for 120d before clearing instead of 60.

Meeptimes Prizes
The prizes for helping participate in the Meeptimes have been increased from 5,000 for all used pieces to 10,000 for the cover photo and any event submissions, and 25,000 or more for stories.

Towny Auto-Complete
Tab-completing commands involving names now displays only relevant names, such as /n add then pressing tab only displaying towns without a nation.

Jobs Boosters
Boosters now last for one hour, as well as working even when switching...
by CluelessKlutz at 12:03 PM
(1,197 Views / 9 Likes)
Welcome to the January 29th patch notes. Here are some of the changes that have been made over the last week and a half:

  • The Lvl 50 Miner perk has been buffed to include stone.
  • All players can now place spawners properly
  • Jobs points have been fixed to sync properly cross server.
  • The job tools have been added back to the jobs shop in Wild and Spawn.
  • When auto-completing usernames, towny will now display more relevant info.
  • Placing sugar cane and beetroot have been reduced for the Farmer job.
  • Breaking sugar cane has been increased for the Farmer job.
  • Fisherman Exp gain has been increased for all fish.
  • Jobs Boosters now stay active upon world change and disconnect.
  • Jobs Boosters have been buffed to last one hour.
  • A bug has been patched causing people to lose job levels when switching worlds.
  • Towny now saves user data for an extra 60d (making total inactivity time before resident data is deleted 120 days).
  • Elevator messages have been...
by CluelessKlutz at 11:22 PM
(1,059 Views / 10 Likes)
Hello everyone! This is the first of a new format I am currently testing out to provide more detailed explanations of updates and raise awareness of the changes on the server. With that in mind, let's get into it.

The entirety of Towny has been updated. The following changes have been made.
  • Messages
The majority of towny messages have been updated to be more visually appealing.

  • Bonus Plots
You can now purchase individual bonus plots in order to increase the maximum your town can claim. Using "/t buy bonus [amount]" will buy the defined number of bonus plots for 5,000 Meebles each. This exists separate from Nation Bonuses. You may purchase up to 250 bonus plots at this time.

  • Town Titles & Levels
Towny ranks and titles now follow this chart:
  1. Hamlet, Hermit (Mayor), 1 resident required
  2. Settlement, Leader (Mayor), 2 residents required...
by Midnight_Galaxy at 11:20 PM
(1,785 Views / 13 Likes)

Changes are coming to /Warp towns!

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

Server Updates
Mini Game Prizes
The prizes for parkour and boomo have been adjusted to fit with the current eco.

Warp Shop
Earlier this week /warp shop was updated and re-opened for use by all players. Rank shops have been added back as well!

Towny Update

Towns has had a new update rolled out, with new features. Nation spawns, a new nation rank - lord - that has more permissions than nation assistants, the ability to pay to extend your plot bonus, and more, which will be detailed in a thread coming soon!

Town Announcements

The /t say color changed to yellow.

Jobs perks

The level 100 perks for Digger and Level 50 Adventurer were added - permanent Haste I and Fire Resistance effects respectively.

Vein Miner
by qazini at 12:32 AM
(1,799 Views / 11 Likes)

The new /warp Jobs stands ready for use

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

Community/Server Events
CluelessKlutz’s Birthday
Many gathered to celebrate the badmin’s birthday. @AdrianIsEpic , resident troll of Legend, and @qazini built a giant dirt box around his house, complete with stacks of trees 100+ blocks tall and burning writing as a gift. Check out some images here.

Mettekes’s Building Contest
@Mettekes hosted an impromptu building contest in creative. Check out the winning builds here!

Server Updates
Elevators have been buffed to include all 16 colors of carpet, as well as display your floor in the boss bar to prevent missing an...
by CluelessKlutz at 4:34 AM
(1,038 Views / 10 Likes)
The complete Jobs Revamp is now live! It's been a project in the work for the last six months, but it's finally here. I'd like to thank you all for your patience while this system was worked on. I will be posting a massive tutorial thread at a later date which will cover specifics of each job, however, here are some of the primary changes and features you will notice:
  • All previous stats from the Jobs system before have been reset. This was ultimately required due to the mass re-balancing of the system and change of jobs (some no longer exist, for example)
  • You may only take 2 jobs at a time by default. This is absolutely intentional, however you may earn more slots by performing tasks in your jobs to gain jobs points. Jobs points can be used in the /jobs shop to buy up to three additional slots (allowing you five total jobs).
  • Every job has been given three slots for "Job perks." These perks are earned when you reach lvl 25, 50, and 100....