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by CluelessKlutz at 5:18 PM
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Hello everyone! It's been an insanely busy week with Towny Extreme open at last, here are the changes this week and the new content added last night.

  • Extreme
+ Added laser defense turrets - complete the mountain dungeon quest to unlock.
+ Added Dynmap tracking - Players now appear on the dynamic map when exposed to sunlight, hide by staying indoors or using invisibility potions
+ Set the minimum amount of money required to place a bounty on a player to 10 Skulls.
+ Added Towny Extreme town and nation chat - Use /etc (message) and /enc (message) for usage
+ Added the ability to teleport to your own town's spawn
+ Enabled anti-xray
+ Added Elevators system
+ Added laser turrets and ammo to advanced crafting
+ Buffed iron ore generation closer to the spawn of Extreme.
- Disabled PvP in towns to prevent spawn camping.
- Disabled saplings from turning into custom trees when grown
- Decreased worldborder by 300 blocks
- Removed Adrian
- Disabled...
by qazini at 1:53 AM
(1,622 Views / 13 Likes)
Towny Extreme FAQ
There have been a lot of questions about how Extreme works. Here is an FAQ guide that will hopefully clear up some of them.

If you have any other queries, please ask in this thread or in #questions under Town Hall in the Meep discord. The questions will both be answered there and added to this list.

What is extreme?
Extreme is a world with towny war enabled. Getting resources and getting around is more difficult. However, it is designed so that players are still able to build majestic towns without worrying about raids.

How do I know what's legal?
Check out the Towny Extreme rules here.

Why am I getting kicked for spam?
Rejoin with 1.12.2

How do I make money?
Completing quests and fighting mobs in dungeons.
Killing mobs in the dungeon will earn you 100 skulls per kill, and the first quest is worth 15,000 skulls.

What are dungeons?...
by CluelessKlutz at 10:27 PM
(1,115 Views / 12 Likes)
At long last the Revamp is finally here! With it marks the start of a whole slew of new features and additions which I'm sure you'll find one to enjoy for hours on end.
To kick things off, I'd like to introduce our new Spawn! This one is our biggest spawn yet with over a year of work being done on it by our fantastic architect team including @AdrianIsEpic and @andrewrobins as the lead SuperArchitects with @Achrow @steviefiveo56 @Ocifer as additional Architects. Other members have been involved such as @Teddypines...
by LordInateur at 10:08 PM
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We've implemented regularly scheduled backups to prevent the need to rebuild the server in the event of a catastrophic incident. Unfortunately, we can't prevent downtime during these backups, due to limited resources (no redundancy) and the need for servers to be down during critical times to prevent database and file corruption. The backup schedule is as follows:
  • On the first of each month, a backup will occur at 6:00 AM EDT. If this falls on the weekend, the backup will be postponed to the following Monday.
  • On the fifteenth of each month, a backup will occur at 8:00 AM EDT. If this falls on the weekend, the backup will be postponed to the following Monday.
These times were negotiated by a group of staff members from around the globe in an effort to a) backup during times that affect the fewest number of people and b) keep the server up as long as reasonably possible. We do reserve the right to change these backup times as necessary in accordance with the...
by CluelessKlutz at 8:21 PM
(5,213 Views / 22 Likes)
The time that you all have been waiting for has come. Meep Reimagined is starting this Friday night; Meep will be offline until then.

But never fear, you will soon be navigating among the first AI generated towns in Minecraft server history and viewing the fantastical dungeons constructed by our arch team, or else facing off against custom mobs in uncharted territories and waging war upon your rivals.

Meep Reimagined: Coming this Friday.
by Adrian at 3:17 AM
(4,377 Views / 22 Likes)
Town Hall Meeting Notes - The 2020 Revamp

By @qazini

Top Level Information

There will be a new towny world called towny extreme. It will be an option for players bored of regular towny to enjoy. The current towny world will continue being the main thing on Meep - it will not be a gamma 2.0.

Revamp Trailer link

All Teasers Dropped so far

Towny extreme

Stuff (meebles, items) from current towny will not transfer to towny extreme.

The currency and items of towny extreme will be entirely separate from the main world.

Entirely different gameplay styles - No teleporting at all (no pwarps, sethomes, etc) except to the towny spawn. No vshop or jobs either. Towny war is on, along with a bounties plugin. Mobs and bosses will wander the...
by CluelessKlutz at 5:04 PM
(920 Views / 7 Likes)
Hello everyone,
I've seen a large amount of people asking for or at least asking about a Christmas event. As of the moment of writing this, there are currently no plans for a Christmas event. However, this does not mean one cannot be developed. As of right now, all development is focused on the upcoming Revamp. With that in mind, I'm interested in finding out if the current playerbase would be more interested in a Christmas Event or the release of the Revamp sooner.
by CluelessKlutz at 4:34 PM
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Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since a public forums update has been posted. However today I'd like to discuss one of the most frequently asked questions I see: When are we updated to 1.13.x or 1.14.x?

The short answer is: We're not. As hard of a decision as it is to not update the server to the latest Minecraft versions, the administration team has made this decision with server gameplay as the best reason not to update. I'll be frank and say that while Mojang has many good ideas and concepts that they've implemented in newer versions, they're honestly broken, bug-ridden messes. Now, I don't think it's fair to say that without backing it up, so here's some actual data on the situation.

Random Ticks
This test was done by running the game as fast as possible using the tickwarp command in Carpet mod on grass blocks in a superflat world with mob spawning turned off to simply test random tick speed game impact. (If you are unfamiliar with carpet mod, it...
by qazini at 8:18 PM
(2,950 Views / 12 Likes)

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.​

Server Updates
KitPvP Bounties
A bounties system has been added to KitPvP Beta! Use /bounty <player> <amount> to set a bounty on a player, and view /bounties to see a list of available bounties.

CPS Tester
Using /cps in KitPvP Beta now lets you check your Clicks Per Second to track improvement and see who can click the fastest!

Combat Log
The combat log for KitPvP Beta has been implemented! After receiving damage, you must wait thirty seconds before logging out.

KitPvP Scoreboard
An updated scoreboard has been added to KitPvP Beta to display various statistics and info. If you find this annoying, simply type /board.

Bugs Squashed
Issues regarding villager placement and curing have been fixed.

by Midnight_Galaxy at 10:45 PM
(1,482 Views / 10 Likes)

Clue being a typical klutz

Welcome to The MeepTimes, the twice-monthly update to keep the community in the loop with what’s new, behind the scenes, and in the works.

Server Updates
Server Events
Saturday events are making their return starting tomorrow! The first of these events will be Parkour.

Blacksmith Perk

Blacksmith now has a level 100 perk! You can now create unbreaking V books using a anvil.

Playerheads Update

The head database has been updated! Husk, Zombie villager, skelton horse, zombie horse, mule, polar bear, parrot, llama, vex, vindicator, shulker, illusioner, elder guardian, stray, endermite, and evoker heads now exist

Beta Kitpvp

/Warp Kitpvp is undergoing beta testing, and is open to all players for this weekend, /kb join beta!

MeepTimes Contests
In this section, the community will get a chance to participate in a quick contest in each MeepTimes! There will be a...